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Geometry Properties for SSC CGL Exam : Part 2

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Geometry Properties for SSC CGL Exam : Part 2

Geometry Properties for SSC CGL Exam : Part 2

In SSC CGL Geometry is considered the most important topic. It contributes around 8-10 marks in Tier 1 math and 16-18 question in Tier 2. It means there is 15-20% role of geometry in SSC CGL math. Out of 8-10 questions 5-6 questions are directly related to properties.

I will cover the geometry portion in 5 articles.

Article 1: Current article: properties of Lines, Angle,Triangle

Article 2: Properties of Quadrilateral , Polygon : In this article we will cover this topic. 

Articles 3: Properties of Circle, Concept of Triplet, special points to be noted on geometry

Article 4: 20 Most important Questions on Geometry for SSC CGL

Articles : 21-40 Most Important questions on Geometry for SSC CGL exams.

What does Geometry include?

  • Lines  : Already covered
  • Angles : Already covered
  • Triangle : Already covered
  • Quadrilateral : Let us discuss this along with polygon
  • Polygon
  • Circle: Next article


  • A figure enclosed by four sides is called a quadrilateral. A quadrilateral has four angles and sum of these angles is equal to  360°.

In quadrilateral we will discuss

  • Parallelogram 
  • Rhombus
  • Rectangle
  • Square
  • Trapezium 
  • Cyclic quadrilateral 

In polygon we will learn

Exterior angle, interior angle, no. of diagonal