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Genetics-mcqs Biology Target-ssc-cgl-2018 Tier 1

Genetics-mcqs Biology Target-ssc-cgl-2018 Tier 1

Q1. Hemophilia is

(a)an organic disorder

(b)a metabolic disorder

(c)a genetic disorder

(d)a hormonal disorder

Q2.  Of the total number of genes inherited by a child

(a)more are from the father

(b)more are from the mother

(c)there are an equal number from each parent

(d)there is never a constant number from the parents

Q3.  Study of internal structure of organisms is called?





Q4.  Who gave the structural model of DNA?


(b)Watson and Crick

(c)H. Morgan

(d)Hugo de Vries

Q5. Human cloning is permitted in Britain for the purpose of





Genetics-mcqs Biology
Q6. Johann Gregor Mendel is famous for propounding

(a)Theory of mutation

(b)Laws of heredity

(c)Cell theory

(d)Theory of acquired characters

Q7. What is the study of cancer and tumours called?





Q8. A clone is a colony of:

(a)cells having different shapes

(b)cells having similar shape

(c)cells having similar genetic constitution

(d)cells having different genetic constitutions

Q9.  The term ‘GM food’ refers to the food

(a)that grows under genetic measures

(b)that is genetically modified

(c)that grows under geographical modification

(d)with greater glucose metabolism

Q10.  The name of the discipline dealing with the study of inheritance is





Genetics-mcqs Biology
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