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General English Previous Questions Paper for SSC CGL

General English Previous Questions Paper for SSC CGL

General English Previous Questions Paper for SSC CGL

Directions  (1-3): Out of the four alternatives, choose the one which can be substituted for the givenwords/sentences and click the button corresponding to it.

Q1. A small shop that sells fashionable clothes, cosmetics etc.

(a) Store

(b) Stall

(c) Boutique

(d) Booth

Q2. Interval between two events

(a) Recess

(b) Interlude

(c) Shuttle

(d) Prelude

Q3. A person’s peculiar habit

(a) Peculiarity

(b) Trait

(c) Distinction

(d) Idiosyncracy

Directions( 4-8) :.A sentence/a part of the sentence is underlined. Four alternatives are given to the underlined part which will improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative and click the button corresponding to it. In case no improvement is needed, click the button corresponding to “No improvement”.

Q4. The priest told the devotees that the wages of sin are death.

(a) was

(b) is

(c) were

(d) No improvement

Q5. Careful drivers never take eyes of the road.

(a) by

(b) from

(c) off

(d) No improvement

Q6. For all his wealth, he has no joy in life.

(a) With

(b) Beside

(c) Despite of

(d) No improvement

general english
Q7. The teacher asked him where did he live.

(a) he has been living

(b) he lives

(c) he lived

(d) No improvement

Q8. The meeting was advanced until the following Monday.

(a) adjourned

(b) suspended

(c) forwarded

(d) No improvement

Directions ( 9-13): A passage is given with 5 questions following it. Read the passage carefully and choose the best answer to each question out of the four alternatives and click the button corresponding to it.

Of the many changes that have taken place thanks to liberalization, a major one is that today’s youngsters are earning more than ever before. In some cases, they draw even fatter salaries than their parents. But are they blowing it up or sensibly saving it? Though some tend to splurge there are many who have started saving. Some of them go in for mutual funds and tax saving bonds. Some even go in for investments which give them tax breaks – insurance, home loans, mutual fund savings schemes. In fact theaverage age of a person taking a housing loan has come down from 41 to 28 in the last five years. Now, where do they get their investment advice from? Some feel its a combination of friends, family, broker – advisors, the media and the net.

Q9. Liberalization   has enabled our youngsters to:

(a) Be paid more

(b) Work hard

(c) Blow up money

(d) Look after their money

Q10. ‘Blowing it up’ means:

(a) Spending extravagantly

(b) Exaggerating

(c) Spending on smoking

(d) Donating liberally

Q11. The average age of a person taking housing loan has come down because he:

(a) Gets fat salaries even at a young age.

(b) Has wealthy parents.

(c) Goes in for mutual funds.

(d) Buys lottery tickets.

Q12. Which of the following is ‘False’?

The investment that give people tax breaks are:

(a) Mutual funds

(b) Home loans

(c) Savings scheme

(d) Purchasing  jewellery

Q13. Which of the following is true’?

(a) The youngsters today spend all the money they get

(b) All the youngsters save all the money they get

(c) Many youngsters save all the money they get

(d) A few youngsters spend more while some save


general english

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