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Game changing practice book for ssc cgl tier 2 math

Pinnacle has launched the best practice ebook for SSC CGL Tier 2 Math. This ebook follows on the TCS pattern. A lot of research has been done to develop this ebook. Those students who want a fast result should follow relevant content.

Why relevant contents are important?

Every exam has a pattern. Banking has its pattern, ssc has its own pattern, the railway has its way, the CAT exam has its design. Basic math may be the same, but the type of questions asked in various exams differ from exam to exam. Students should keep in mind that if they put energy in the right direction by studying relevant content, the outcome will be perfect. Many students, instead of solving relevant content, try to solve challenging and irrelevant questions. Indeed most of the energy they spend in the wrong direction.

What students can do?

The important thing is that first understand the type of questions asked in the exam. The best thing to judge is to solve the latest problems asked by the exam-taking agency. In the SSC case, TCS is the agency that takes the SSC exam. TCS develop a question bank. If students solve TCS asked questions and similar developed questions, they will be doing the right things. We have seen in the past those students who practice on relevant questions; they get a high score in the real exam, although their math level was average.

What Pinnacle offers

ssc cgl tier 2 40 sets
The best ebook for SSC CGL Tier 2 Practice

Pinnacle has two ebooks. One ebook contains all the TCS questions exams conducted until now, and this ebook is chapter wise. The name of the ebook is 3200 MCQ TCS Maths SSC. Another essential ebook is 40 Sets SSC CGL Tier 2 TCS pattern. 40 Sets mean 40*100=4000 MCQ. In these 40 sets, 25 sets are TCS oriented; however, questions are not repeated of 3200 MCQ ebook. These questions are new but on TCS pattern. The remaining 15 sets are previous year ssc cgl tier 2 from 2012 till now.

Those who have already completed the 3200 MCQ TCS Math Chapter wise ebook they must practice through 40 Sets SSC CGL Tier 2 Math.

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