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Did You Fail in Tier 1

Did You Fail in Tier 1 in 2012, 2013 or 2014? Read This

Did You Fail in Tier 1 in 2012, 2013 or 2014? Read This

Did You Fail in Tier 1 in 2012, 2013 or 2014? Read This

Did You Fail in Tier 1
Did You Fail in Tier 1

If you have appeared in SSC exams specially SSC CGL but could not succeed in Tier 1. You should not worry at all.

1st of all analyse where did you go wrong and what is corrective action for now. I have divided this article in two parts. 1st Part reasons of failure and 2nd part what actions can be taken further.

1st part: 5  Reasons many of the students can not succeed in Tier 1:

1. Syllabus of SSC and Banking is totally different
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Many students think that syllabus of all competitive exams is same or similar. So if you prepare for maths, English, Reasoning, GK all exams will be covered.

But this is not true. Competition is very tough. If you are preparing for one exam, thoughtfully follow the pattern the exam and type of questions asked.

Many students think that if they prepare for Banking exams then automatically they are preparing for SSC CGL as their coaching sirs have told them so. Beware these coaching sirs. They are misguiding you. They are concerned about their business, batches launch etc etc.

  1. Not started at the right time:

Many students start preparations when notification of the exam is out. SSC CGL or SSC exams take time to be prepared thoroughly until or unless you are a genius. It can take six months to one year to have grip on the subjects.

3. Poor Quality study material

Many Students are comfortable in easy things so that they can understand properly according to their view. But what is the use of such study material as it can not make you competitive. Generally students purchase one SSC CGL book which covers all the topic. But that is not sufficient. Single book can not be sufficient.

4. So many exams but not focus on any exam

Many students try their luck in every exam, all SSC exams, all banking exams, all insurance exams. They think they will get experience if they take so many exams. Without preparation it is not possible to clear high quality exams.

5. Misguided by cut off figure: Don’t practice enough test /sample papers. 

Many students target on cut off of previous years. In this process they generally don’t cover all sections thoroughly. If your target is low, you are creating problems for yourself.

What should one do to overcome the failure?

5 steps for effective SSC CGL preparation

  1. Follow the syllabus and pattern of SSC CGL exam

Every exam has its own uniqueness and pattern. SSC CGL syllabus is very different. Previous years questions papers will also help you to understand the pattern. Atleast last two years questions papers you must have gone through before exploring study material option. You may also subscribe dedicated website like www.ssccglpinnacle.com.

2. Don’t target cut off, target the score which help you in getting job

Cut off for SSC CGL is generally 90-100 for general category, 80-90 for OBC, 70-80 for SC. But if you score 130+ in tier 1 for general category, 115+ for OBC, and 100+ for SC can get you in comfortable position. Remember tier 1 marks are counted in over all merit calculations.

3. Keep your focus on SSC CGL 

If you focus till you score 130+ or as per your category, should not take other exams. You can not prepare for all the exams. Prioritize your interests according to your abilities. No need to give all exams. If you are CGL candidate then take little bit risk. It will pay you positively. 1-2 years of life investing on big exam preparation for making career for next 60 years is not a bad idea.

4. Study quality material/ contents

Study quality and standard material. Separate books for English, Reasoning, Maths and GK will be helpful. Follow these books religiously. You will also find a lot of study material related to SSC exams on this website. Subscribe it ( Home page left bar). It is free.

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5. Practice 50+ test papers including previous years.

Practice makes a man perfect. If you have knowledge but you could not do sufficient practice then you will be in trouble. In exam time, time management plays important role. So practicing full length tests as well as sectional tests are important. Purchase our test series. You investment will help you in making your career better.

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