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Expected Synonym Antonym Practice Set For SSC CGL CHSL

Expected Synonym Antonym Practice Set For SSC CGL CHSL 

Expected Synonym Antonym Practice Set For SSC CGL CHSL 


Modest  विनम्र

Synonyms – mild, gentle, submissive, polite,yielding, unassuming

•Antonyms -arrogant, self-asserting, bold


Momentary  क्षणिक

Synonyms – instantaneous, fleeting, transitory, ephemeral, cursory, flashing

•Antonyms -permanent, staying, lasting


Magnificent  शानदार

Synonyms – glorious, splendid, grand, noble, splendid, outstanding

•Antonyms -atrocious, shameful, awful


Majestic भव्य , शानदार

Synonyms – august, imposing, grandiose, lordly, stately, sublime

•Antonyms -shabby, low, humble


Mammoth  विशालकाय

Synonyms – colossal, enormous, huge, prodigious, mighty, heroic

•Antonyms -little, miniature, tiny

Expected Synonym Antonym
Marvel  अचम्भित होना

Synonyms – miracle, phenomenon, prodigy, sensation, wonder

•Antonyms -anticipation, normalcy, usualness


Masculine  मरदाना

Synonyms – macho, male, manly, manlike, mannish, virile

•Antonyms -feminine, ladylike, womanly


Meager  थोड़ा

Synonyms – scant, skimpy, sparse, tiny, lanky, slim

•Antonyms -plenty, substantial, sufficient


Mean  मतलब होना

Synonyms – malevolent, spiteful, vicious,’ ignoble, sordid, niggard

•Antonyms -affectionate, gentle, dignified


Mediocre  मध्यम

Synonyms – average, common, plain, standard, mean, Shabby

•Antonyms -exceptional, unusual, extraordinary


Mentor  सलाहकार

Synonyms – advisor, consultant, .counselor, trainer, coach, guide

•Antonyms -adversary, opponent, student


Merge  विलय

Synonyms – blend, fuse, mingle, stir, mix

•Antonyms -divide, separate, part


Meticulous  अतिसावधान

Synonyms – careful, painstaking, scrupulous, fussy, choosy, particular

•Antonyms -careless, sloppy, unorganized


Midst  मध्य

Synonyms – centre, median, fiddle, midpoint, deep, interior

•Antonyms -exterior, outside


Minute  बहुत छोटा

Synonyms – diminutive, dwarf, minuscule, tiny, pygmy, wee

•Antonyms -giant, huge, mighty


Miserly  कंजूस

Synonyms – close-fisted, niggard, parsimonious, penurious, stingy, pinching

•Antonyms -generous, lavish, prodigal


Misfortune  दुर्भाग्य

Synonyms – adversity, haplessness, affliction, casualty, mishap, unluckiness

•Antonyms -blessing, fortune, favor


Mislead  धोखा देना

Synonyms – beguile, betray, deceive, dupe, hoodwink, trick

•Antonyms -guide, counsel, lead


Mock  बनावटी

Synonyms – deride, gibe, jeer, ridicule, imitate, mimic

•Antonyms -flatter, praise, exalt


Moderate  मध्यम

Synonyms – modest, reasonable, temperate, conservative, restrained

•Antonyms -outrageous, considerable, significant


Monopoly  एकाधिकार

Synonyms – cartel, consortium, holding, syndicate, trust, corner

•Antonyms -sharing, distribution, scattering


Monstrous  भद्दा

Synonyms – atrocious, heinous, gruesome, scandalous, gigantic, mighty

•Antonyms -average, common, cultured


Motivate  प्रोत्साहित करना

Synonyms – goad, impel, prod, prick, spur, stimulate

•Antonyms -depress, dissuade, impede


Muddy  गंदा करना

Synonyms – murky, roiled, turbid, cloudy, drab, murky

•Antonyms -bright, lucid, explicit


Mute गूंगा

Synonyms – dumb, inarticulate, mum, silent, voiceless, wordless

•Antonyms -articulate,, communicative, vocal


Maladroit  बेअदब

Synonyms – awkward, clumsy, lumpish, gauche, inept, brash

•Antonyms:  dexterous, skillful, adroit


Malaise  बेचैनी

Synonyms – distress, infirmity, angst, melancholy, debility, doldrums

•Antonyms:   wellbeing, vigour, health


Manifest  घोषणापत्र

Synonyms – evince, convey, proclaim, embody, incarnate, express

•Antonyms:  conceal, harbour, hide


Measly  बहुत कम मात्रा में

Synonyms – exiguous, puny, negligible, mugatory , inconsiderate, trifling

•Antonyms:   abundant, plenty, sufficient


Melancholy  गहरी उदासी

Synonyms – depression, despondency, glum, dumps, funks, dejection

•Antonyms:  joy, cheerfulness, happiness


Menacing  धमकी-भरा

Synonyms – dangerous, threatening, intimidating, endangering, impending

•Antonyms:  aiding, helping, assisting


Menial  तुच्छ

Synonyms – servile, slavish, subservient, demeaning, base

•Antonyms: superior, talented, skilled


Metamorphosis  कायापलट

Synonyms – changeover, conversion, mutation, transformation, shift

•Antonyms -stagnation, maintenance, deactivation


Mettle  साहस

Synonyms – bravery, courage, gallantry/ intrepidity, nerve, valiancy

•Antonyms -cowardice, diffidence, timidity’


Minuscule  बहुत छोटा

Synonyms – diminutive, dwarf, miniature, minute, pigmy, tiny

•Antonyms -huge, big, tall


Mitigate  कम करना

Synonyms – allay, alleviate, assuage, palliate, relieve, lessen

•Antonyms -aggravate, incite, irritate


Momentous  महत्वपूर्ण

Synonyms – earnest, severe, grave, weighty, fatal, significant

•Antonyms -trivial, insignificant, petty


Morose  उदास

Synonyms – sullen, glum, saturnine, sour, sulky

•Antonyms -optimistic, cheerful, joyous


Mournful  दुख भरा

Synonyms – rueful, woeful, dolorous, grievous, lugubrious, plaintive

•Antonyms -hopeful, optimistic, pleasant


Mundane  साधारण

Synonyms – earthen, secular, temporal, terrene, worldly

•Antonyms -exciting, supernatural, extraordinary

Expected Synonym Antonym
Myopic  अदूरदर्शी

Synonyms – biased, astigmatic, shortsighted, blind, prejudiced, partial

•Antonyms -farsighted, provident, fair


Myriad  अनगिनत

Synonyms – legion, many, numerous, multitudinous, countless, immeasurable

•Antonyms -limited, measurable, finite


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