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Expected One Word Substitutions For SSC CGL Tier 1 2018

Expected One Word Substitutions For SSC CGL Tier 1 2018

Expected One Word Substitutions For SSC CGL Tier 1 2018

Q1. To formally give up

(a) Quit

(b) abdicate

(c) adhoc

(d) renounce

Ans. b

Q2. Commencement of adjacent words with the same letter

(a) alliteration

(b) agnosticism

(c) ambiguous

(d) anodyne

Ans. a

Q3. Briefness; shortness of time

(a) Short

(b) Abridged

(c) Brevity

(d) Summation

Ans. c

Q4. Cultivation of trees and vegetables

(a) Pisciculture

(b) Sericulture

(c) Horticulture

(d) multiculture

Ans. c

Q5. To pronounce clearly.

(a) Out spoken

(b) Articulate

(c) Pronunciation

(d) Artistic

Ans. b

Q6. Compulsory enlistment for military or other services

(a) Prescription

(b) Proscription

(c) Description

(d) Conscription

Ans. d

Q7. Showing deep sorrow for wrong doing.

(a) Convalescence

(b) Guilty

(c) Criminal

(d) Contrite

Ans. d

Q8. Something to be corrected in a printed book

(a) Abridged

(b) Corrigendum

(c) Referendum

(d) Addendum

Ans. b

Q9. Worship of idols.

(a) Ideology

(b) Idolatry

(c) Iconoclast

(d) Ignoramus

Ans. b

Q10. Not showing proper respect.

(a) Impertinent

(b) immaculate

(c) Impunity

(d) inaccessible

Ans. a

expected one word
Q11. To fill with air or gas

(a) inflate

(b) Deflate

(c) Gaseous

(d) volatile

Ans. a

Q12. Capable of being read clearly

(a) Illegible

(b) Legible

(c) literate

(d) Illiterate

Ans. b

Q13. Express earnest disapproval of

(a) Depreciate

(b) Deprecate

(c) Degrade

(d) Detrimental

Ans. b

Q14. To be a perfect example .

(a) Epithet

(b) Epitome

(c) Epistle

(d) Equanimity

Ans. b

Q15. The study of the efficiency of people in their working environment

(a) Ergonomics

(b) Economics

(c) Entomology

(d) Epicurean

Ans. a

Q16. To put an end to something by killing

(a) murder

(b) suicide

(c) Exterminate

(d) extradition

Ans. c

Q17. One who runs away from justice or the law

(a) law breaker

(b) legal

(c) fugitive

(d) criminal

Ans. c

Q18. Elimination or killing of a whole race

(a) Genocide

(b) homicide

(c) Fratricide

(d) matricide

Ans. a

Q19. Animals that live in flocks

(a) Sociable

(b) Gregarious

(c) groupies

(d) extrovert

Ans. b

Q20. Fond of entertaining guests

(a) hospitality

(b) Hospitable

(c) hospitalized

(d) Gesture

Ans. b

expected one word
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