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essay you think smaller state lead to good governance ssc chsl t2

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Essay Do you think smaller states lead to good governance ssc chsl tier 2

Essay Do you think smaller states lead to good governance ssc chsl tier 2

The size of a state has little or no correlation with the quality of governance. Good quality of living, access to basic amenities, proper health and education infrastructure, employment are some of the parameters to vote upon while deciding on the quality of governance.


On one hand, smaller states can provide us with a more responsive and effective administration resulting in faster socio-economic growth, quicker execution of the policies, and reduction in the regional disparities leading to greater homogeneity.


On the other hand, the carving out of smaller states can lead to the centralization of powers in the hands of few, increased administrational cost, inter-state disputes, intra-state party conflicts, unequal access to resources, the hegemony of the dominant community, and demands for the creation of further new states. 


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