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essay should religion play a role in politics ssc chsl tier 2

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essay should religion play a role in politics ssc chsl tier 2

essay should religion play a role in politics ssc chsl tier 2


Secularism is a device that seeks to protect religion from the corruption of politics and politics from becoming usurped by religion. But neither the conception of the individual self nor the construction of the collective self is free from political or religious considerations. All political issues that are important eventually affect individuals and collective identity, and in the process trigger religious sentiments.


The significant role religion plays in the life of billions of people necessitates consideration of the role of religion in politics. Religious leaders are respected and their opinions carry weight when they speak for the oppressed. Religion can foster human connections and humane values which are prerequisites for a good leader.


Religious people can witness their lord by raising their voices against injustice, serve their lord by serving the poor, love their lord by loving their fellow humans. Their thoughts and beliefs can be translated into political action through social movements and NGOs who fight for the rights of all, advocate a welfare state,


enable distributive justice, encourage philanthropy and support educational institutions that pursue knowledge without a tilt towards any ideology. But if religious groups pursue power to impose laws, to force ideology as knowledge and discriminate....To continue read this topic click here

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