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Essay Money is not everything for SSC CHSL Tier 2

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Essay Money is not everything ssc chsl tier 2

Essay Money is not everything ssc chsl tier 2

What defines a human is not his materialistic gains but his values and emotions. Money is necessary for living a decent life, but for living a ‘rich’ life, love and compassion are required.


No doubt money is important - it is needed to buy food, run schools, and for almost all day to day activities. But at the end of the day, it’s just a piece of paper revered by mankind, to which we have attached so much importance. It doesn’t have any intrinsic value of its own. Money can only buy materialistic pleasures but not soulful gains. An orphan can be given a toy that comes from money, but it cannot fill the void felt due to the lack of love of a mother.


Had money been everything, we must have commemorated and celebrated the legacy of rich Indians, not rich India. We continue reading this topic click here

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