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essay Make in India ssc chsl tier 2

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Essay Make in India ssc chsl tier 2

Essay Make in India ssc chsl tier 2

To bring a shift from the land of raw materials to the land of finished goods, the government of India launched this ambitious campaign with the aim of manufacturing products with zero defects and zero adverse environmental effects. It aims to attract companies nationally and internationally to manufacture in India in order to increase the share of the manufacturing sector in the National GDP.


Since the launch of Make in India 1.0 in 2014, India has primarily become an assembly hub in industries like mobile phones, lighting, and consumer electronics. It aimed to accelerate the production line and start new manufacturing units in India, to attract investors, build top-notch manufacturing units, and stand strong with increased job opportunities and GDP contribution. Make in India 2.0 campaign is likely to do vertical integration where the component supply-chains are coerced to be local because of import substitution. 


This campaign addresses the issues faced by the continue reading this topic click here

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