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essay Inequality ssc chsl tier 2

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Essay Inequality ssc chsl tier 2

Essay Inequality ssc chsl tier 2

The United Nations describes inequality as “the state of not being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities.”


Inequality thrives in every society in one form or another. It exists in India on the grounds of gender, caste, religion, ethnicity, economic status, etc. Gender inequality is based on parameters such as economic participation and opportunity, health and survival, educational attainment, and political empowerment. Caste is a significant factor in determining access to resources like education, income, health facilities, etc. Religious identities can cause prejudices, which may lead to economic exclusion and various other forms of discrimination.


Inequalities lead to social conflicts among social groups. Inequalities among ethnic groups have led to various ethnic movements demanding autonomous regions or secession from India. Religious inequality tends to generate a feeling of exclusion among religious minority continue reading this topic click here

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