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India is a country of opportunities: CHSL Tier 2

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India is a country of opportunities: CHSL Tier 2

India is a country of opportunities: CHSL Tier 2

India is a developing country growing at 7 percent per year in terms of its GDP, the highest growth rate in Asia. According to the World Bank reports, the growth rate of India will surpass that of China in the next few years. Every sector like manufacturing, space, e-commerce, education, tourism, information technology, aviation, defence is growing exponentially. India is an incredible country with ample opportunities. All that is needed is to look and seize those opportunities.


Having the advantages of cheap labor, government schemes, conducive environment, the FDI is increasing in India, thus increasing job opportunities. Introduction of schemes like Make In India, Start-Up India, Stand Up India boosted the manufacturing sector providing more streams of revenue. 


On the Science front, ISRO created a world record by launching 104 satellites on a single mission. There are many opportunities for engineers and science graduates. 


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