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essay Generation gap and old age ssc chsl tier 2

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Essay Generation gap and old age ssc chsl tier 2

Essay Generation gap and old age ssc chsl tier 2

The generation gap is the difference in thinking patterns, opinions, and lifestyles among people of different age groups. While youngsters are rash and adventurous, the elders prefer to exercise prudence and caution. This gap often leads to misunderstanding, conflict, and isolation within families.


Although it had existed for years, the generation gap has worsened after the IT revolution. While modern gadgets and appliances are indispensable for youngsters, their parents and grandparents find them difficult to operate as well as unnecessary. The older generation disapproves of the ways and value system of today’s youth. On the other hand, young people believe that instructions for their conduct, language, or fashion choices inhibit their freedom.


Lack of communication and rigidness of views are perhaps the biggest contributing factors to this ever-widening gap. Parents are hard-pressed continue reading this topic click here

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