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essay Floods and Cyclones in India Causes effects ssc chsl tier 2

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Essay Floods and Cyclones in India Causes, effects, and measures ssc chsl tier 2

Essay Floods and Cyclones in India Causes, effects, and measures ssc chsl tier 2

“What goes around comes around”, goes the quote. We have been exploiting our nature for several centuries. Now, we can see the aftereffects of that exploitation. The rate of natural disasters has been increasing all over the world, whether they are earthquakes, landslides, etc. Two such natural disasters that we commonly encounter are floods and cyclones.


A flood is an overflow of water on normally dry ground. Our Indo-Gangetic plain is prone to frequent inundation. Other than that, we recently saw severe flooding in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Northeast. Floods are mainly caused due to an overflowing river, a dam break, snowmelt, or heavy rainfall. Frequent flooding has caused a great loss of life and property in India.


A cyclone is any large system of continue reading this topic click here

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