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essay Civil Society ssc chsl tier 2

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Essay Civil Society ssc chsl tier 2

Essay Civil Society ssc chsl tier 2

States differ in the way they exercise powers. This difference exists due to the variance in their working environment. One of the main components of the environment that exercises a great influence on the state and its governance is civil society. Civil society, independent of the state, consists of those groups that voluntarily come together with a common objective of the public good, influencing the government’s decisions and making it more responsive and accountable to the people.


Civil society plays a crucial role in the welfare and development of society. It creates awareness among the individuals about various policies and programs launched by the government, formulates public opinion, encourages people’s participation in the development process, and brings political consciousness among people. Many NGOs, trade unions, women’s groups, Farmers’ organizations, etc. working all across the country mobilize people to make them a part of the welfare process.


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