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essay An idea can change the world ssc chsl tier 2

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essay An idea can change the world ssc chsl tier 2

essay An idea can change the world ssc chsl tier 2


Yes, an idea can change the world. All the advancements we see around us are only because of new ideas. If we look around ourselves, we are surrounded by ideas that completely transformed the world.


The idea that created worldwide web www is one such idea. This transformative idea came from humble origins as it was started as a file-sharing system for scientists working in a physical laboratory in the year 1989, but no idea has gone on to have such a profound impact on our modern life as the internet.


We now spend most of our waking hours gazing into some screen or other, and the web has shown an extraordinary ability to connect people. Similarly, it was an idea that inspired Alexander Graham Bell to invent the telephone in 1876, which revolutionized the world of communication.


And it was again an idea that took us from those fixed-line phones to smartphones. And we all are aware of the importance of smartphones in our lives. From banking to shopping, we can do anything we like just with s simple tap from the comfort of our homes with their help. Again, it was merely an idea that led James Watt to invent the steam....To continue read this topic click here

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