English Vocab :: Daily Learning || SSC CGL Tier 1 & Tier 2 English | Part 10

English Vocab :: Daily Learning || SSC CGL Tier 1 & Tier 2 English | Part 10

English Vocab :: Daily Learning || SSC CGL Tier 1 & Tier 2 English | Part 10

1. Fretful (चिड़चिड़ा)



Part of Speech- Adjective


  • In flintstones, the main character ,Fred  is full of anger and is whining all the time to his wife


  • Captious, Carping, Caviling, Complaining, Contrary, Crabby


  • Calm, Cheered, Joyous, pleased, happy, laid-back

2. Impeccable (त्रुटिहीन)


Flawless, Above Suspicion

Part of Speech- Adjective


  • Picking on somebody means to finding faults hence im Pickable means, no fault can be found.


  • exquisite, immaculate, precise, unblemished, errorless, Faultless, unflawed


  • flawed, imperfect, blemished, defective, corrupt, suspicious

3. Itinerant (भ्रमणकारी)


  • planetary , roaming

Part of Speech- Adjective

Trick –

  • sounds like itinerary (plan of a trip ) So a traveller keeps on wandering/ travelling


  • Nomadic, peripatetic, roving, wandering, ambulatory,


  • Settled , Permanent

4. Kingpin(सरगना)

Meaning –

  • a main or large bolt in a central position.

Part of Speech– noun


  • Sounds like King  i.e the most important person


  • fulcrum, axle,center,  Spindle Focus-point


  • exterior, outside, periphery

5. leaven (मिलावट, ख़मीर)


  • ferment

Part of Speech- Verb

Trick :-

  • Lift up to the heaven that is rise you will rise up to heaven only when you grow lighter


  • Lighten, raise, pepsinate


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