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English Synonyms Antonyms For SSC CGL By Pinnacle

English Synonyms Antonyms For SSC CGL By Pinnacle

English Synonyms Antonyms For SSC CGL By Pinnacle


Vacant  खाली

Synonyms – empty, void, idle, inane, vacuous

  • Antonyms: full, occupied, overflowing


Vague  धुँधला

Synonyms – inexplicit, nebulous, obscure, bleary, fuzzy, unresolved

  • Antonyms: certain, definite, clear


Vain  बेकार

Synonyms – futile, hollow, conceited, egoistic, narcissistic

  • Antonyms: modest, diffident, useful


Valiant  साहसी

Synonyms – courageous, doughty, gallant, heroic, intrepid, mettlesome

  • Antonyms: cowardly, timid, weak


Valid  मान्य

Synonyms – cogent, just, authentic, authoritative, convincing, credible

  • Antonyms: unsound, unacceptable, invalid


Valour  साहस

Synonyms – courage, fortitude, gallantry, intrepidity, valiance

  • Antonyms: cowardice, timidity, meekness


Vanish  ग़ायब होना

Synonyms – disappear, evanesce, evaporate, fade, exit

  • Antonyms: appear, arrive, come


 Variable  परिवर्तनीय

Synonyms – alterable, mutable, capricious, fickle, ticklish, volatile

  • Antonyms: steady, fixed, constant


Vast  विस्तृत , बहुत बड़ा

Synonyms – enormous, giant, immense, heroic, monstrous, walloping

  • Antonyms: bounded, limited, little

English Synonyms Antonyms
Veteran  अनुभवी व्यक्ति

Synonyms – experienced, skilled, seasoned, adept, expert, hardened

  • Antonyms: amateur, inexperienced, greenhorn


Vibrant  फुरतीला

Synonyms – mettlesome, vivacious, peppery, spirited, resonant, sparkling

  • Antonyms -colorless, dull, dispirited


Victimize  शिकार बनाना

Synonyms – bilk, cheat, defraud, gull, mulct, swindle’

  • Antonyms -assist, help, assist


Vigilant सतर्क

Synonyms – alert, observant, open-eyed, wakeful, wary, watchful

  • Antonyms -indiscreet, negligent, inattentive


Vigour  ताकत

Synonyms – bounce, spirit, liveliness, verve, vim, energy

  • Antonyms -lethargy, weakness, enervation


Violate  उल्लंघन करना

Synonyms – breach, contravene, infringe, transgress, flout, ravish

  • Antonyms -obey, observe, comply,



Visionary  स्वप्नदर्शी , अव्यावहारिक

Synonyms – farsighted, chimerical, delusive, illusive, fanciful, notional

  • Antonyms -practical, real, realistic


Vital  महत्वपूर्ण

Synonyms – animate, robust, sturdy, vigorous, fundamental, integral

  • Antonyms -trivial, insignificant, petty


Vivid  भड़कदार

Synonyms – bright, colourful, flamboyant, graphic, expressive, meaningful

  • Antonyms -dull, inexpressive, vague


Voluntary  स्वैच्छिक

Synonyms – willing, spontaneous, unforced, deliberate, unintended

  • Antonyms -obligatory, forced, involuntary


Vulgar  असभ्य

Synonyms – humble, ignoble, mean, boorish, crass, bawdy

  • Antonyms -decent, inoffensive, polite


Vagabond  घुमक्कड़

Synonyms – itinerant, nomadic, peripatetic, vagrant, migrant, pastoral

  • Antonyms -settled, native, endemic


Validate  पुष्टि करना

Synonyms – attest, authenticate, corroborate, justify, testify, endorse

  • Antonyms -contradict, disclaim, refute


Vanquish  अधीन करना , परास्त कर देना

Synonyms – beat, conquer, defeat, overcome, subdue, rout

  • Antonyms -fail, lose, surrender


Vanity  अभिमान

Synonyms – ego, conceit, pride, narcissm, vainness, futility

  • Antonyms -modesty, humility, propriety


Vehemence  प्रचंडता

Synonyms – ferocity, fury, intensity, pitch, severity, force

  • Antonyms -frigidity, coldness, apathy


Venomous  जहरीला

Synonyms – toxic, virulent, malevolent, malignant, spiteful, wicked

  • Antonyms -benign, harmless, affectionate


Venturesome  साहसी

Synonyms – adventurous, audacious, daring, enterprising, hazardous, perilous

  • Antonyms -afraid, cowardly, cautious


Verbose  वाचाल

Synonyms – long-winded, periphrastic, pleonastic, prolix, redundant

  • Antonyms -concise, succinct, sporadic


Versatile  बहुमुखी

Synonyms – all-round, many-sided, multifaceted, protean, adept, proficient

  • Antonyms -inflexible, limited, inept


Viable  व्यवहार्य

Synonyms – feasible, practical, doable, usable, workable, possible

  • Antonyms -impossible, unpractical, unreasonable


Vice  शरारत

Synonyms – bestiality, depravity, immorality, perversion, turpitude, villainy

  • Antonyms -propriety, virtue, morality


Virtuous  सदाचारी

Synonyms – ethical, moral, principled, righteous, chaste, decent

  • Antonyms -sinful, vile, wicked


Vitiate  बिगाड़ना

Synonyms – blemish, damage, impair, tarnish, canker, debase

  • Antonyms -polish, uncorrupt, adorn


Vivacious  ज़िंदादिल

Synonyms – animated, bouncy, chipper, dashing, lively, pert

  • Antonyms -boring, unattractive, dull


Void  खाली करना

Synonyms – empty;, vacant, vacuous, barren, destitute, hollow

  • Antonyms -full, occupied, overflowing


Volatile  बदलने के योग्य

Synonyms – capricious, erratic, changeable, freakish, unpredictable, variable

  • Antonyms -stable, steadfast, firm


Vulnerable  आघात योग्य

Synonyms – liable, prone, susceptible, attackable, defenseless, pregnable

  • Antonyms -guarded, protected, secure


Vagary  सनक

Synonyms – conceit, caprice, freak, impulse, notion, whim

  • Antonyms -constancy, dependability, steadfastness


Vagrant  घुमक्कड़

Synonyms – itinerant, nomadic, vagabond, drifter, wanderer

  • Antonyms -determined, resolute, motivated


Variance  असहमति

Synonyms – difference, conflict, confrontation, discord, dissension, strife

  • Antonyms -agreement, peace, concord


Venerate पूजना

Synonyms – adore, idolize, revere, worship, deify, esteem

  • Antonyms -abhor, condemn, despise


Vengeful  बदला लेनेवाला

Synonyms – spiteful, vindictive, inimical, punitive/antagonistic

  • Antonyms -condoning, forgiving, liking


Vex  चिड़ाना

Synonyms – aggravate, annoy, bother, bug, chafe, exasperate

  • Antonyms -soothe, please, assist


Vicarious  जो दूसरे के बदले काम करे

Synonyms – delegated, empathetic, eventual, pretended, substitute

  • Antonyms -concrete, real, authentic


Vicious  अनैतिक

Synonyms – immoral, iniquitous, peccant, reprobate, malevolent, bestial

  • Antonyms -gentle, right, nice


Vie    होड़ करना

Synonyms – compete, contend, contest, emulate, rival, challenge

  • Antonyms -retreat, leave, desert


Vindicate  निर्दोष ठहराना

Synonyms – absolve, exculpate, exonerate, defend, avenge, redress

  • Antonyms -accuse, convict, punish


Vindictive  बदला लेनेवाला

Synonyms – revengeful, spiteful, vengeful, malicious, venomous, grim

  • Antonyms -forgiving, compassionate, charitable


Virtuoso  गुणी कलाकार

Synonyms – ace, adept, authority, champ, prodigy, expert

  • Antonyms -amateur, greenhorn, rookie


Virulent  संक्रामक

Synonyms – baneful, noxious, pernicious, mephitic, embittered

  • Antonyms -harmless, beneficent, advantageous


Vitriolic  अति कटु भाषण

Synonyms – acrid, scathing, stinging, trenchant, truculent

  • Antonyms -kind, pleasant, uncritical


English Synonyms Antonyms
Vociferous  शोरगुल करने वाला

Synonyms – blatant, boisterous, clamorous

  • Antonyms -quiet, silent, subtle,


Voluble  बातूनी

Synonyms – chatty, conversational, talkative, garrulous, loquacious, talky

  • Antonyms -reserved, reticent, unfriendly


Voluminous  प्रचुर

Synonyms -ample, capacious, abundant, bountiful, copious, plentiful

  • Antonyms -little, slight, tiny


Votary  अनुयायी

Synonyms – devotee, enthusiastic, fanatic, aficionado, zealot, supporter

  • Antonyms -detractor, opponent, disinterested


Vouch  प्रमाणित करना

Synonyms – attest, certify,’ testify, confirm, cosign, guarantee

  • Antonyms -disavow, refute, reject


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