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English Study Material For Synonyms And Antonym SSC CGL CHSL

English Study Material For Synonyms And Antonym SSC CGL CHSL

English Study Material For Synonyms And Antonym SSC CGL CHSL


Jade  थकाना

Synonyms- wear, fatigue, drain, tire, down, enervate

•Antonyms:  amuse, excite, exhilarate


Jarring  झगड़ा

Synonyms- rasping, agitating, harsh, raspy, raucous, strident

•Antonyms:  subdued, soft, quiet


Jeer  हँसी उड़ाना

Synonyms – deride, gibe, jest, mock, ridicule, scoff

•Antonyms:   commend, revere, appreciate


Jeopardy  खतरा

Synonyms – danger, hazard, peril, endangerment, precariousness

•Antonyms:  protection, safety, surety

English Study Material
Jest  मज़ाक करना

Synonyms – butt, joke, mockery, gag, quip, wit

•Antonyms:  adulation, solemnity, seriousness


Jettison  फेंक देना

Synonyms – discard, dispose of, junk, scrap, rid of, chuck

•Antonyms:   retain, embrace, absorb


Jiff  पल

Synonyms – instant, flash, moment, wink, twinkle, twinkling

•Antonyms:   delay, pause, long-term


Jilt  धोखेबाज

Synonyms – deceive, ditch, dump, forsake, reject, oust

•Antonyms:   adopt, accept, embrace


Jostle  धकेलना

Synonyms – nudge, push, shove, scramble, elbow, hustle

•Antonyms:   aid, build


Jocular  मज़ाकिया

Synonyms- comedic, facetious, humorous, funny, witty, frolicsome

•Antonyms: morose, serious, grave


Jovial  हंसमुख

Synonyms – blithe, jolly, mirthful, convivial, gleeful

•Antonyms -sad, unhappy, serious


Jubilant  प्रफुल्लित

Synonyms – exultant, happy, triumphant, elated, euphoric, gleeful

•Antonyms -depressed, sorrowful, dejected


Judicious  न्यायसंगत

Synonyms – prudent, rational, balanced, sensible, sound, reasonable

•Antonyms -reckless, thoughtless, irrational


Jumble    अस्तव्यस्तता

Synonyms – muddle, scramble, disarray, disrupt, befuddle, confound

•Antonyms -order, organize, harmonize


Jumbo विशाल

Synonyms – behemoth, colossal, stupendous, mighty, mammoth, massy

•Antonyms -miniature, tiny, small


Junk  कचरा

Synonyms – discard, dispose of, scrap, dump, jettison, chuck

•Antonyms -keep, hold, preserve


Just  उचित

Synonyms – equitable, fair, square, appropriate, cogent, objective

•Antonyms -inequitable, partial, unjust


Justify  सफाई देना

Synonyms – rationalize, vindicate, corroborate, substantiate, apologize, Defend

•Antonyms -assail, impugn, protest


Jittery  चिड़चिड़ा

Synonyms – edgy, fidgety, nervous, restless, tense, twitchy

•Antonyms -assured, content, cool


Juncture  जोड़

Synonyms – connection, seam, coupling, joint, crisis, exigency

•Antonyms -disconnection, disjoint, anticlimax


Keen  दिलचस्पी रखना

Synonyms – alert, ardent, fervent, perceptive, sensitive, sharp

•Antonyms -reluctant, uninterested, indifferent


Knit  बुनना

Synonyms – fasten, affix, link, loop, intermingle, weave

•Antonyms -detach, severe, break


Knock  आलोचना करना

Synonyms – censure, criticism, condemnation, blame, rap, smash

•Antonyms:  compliment, praise, endorsement


Knotty  गाँठदार

Synonyms – complex, complicated, convoluted, daedal, intricate, tangled

•Antonyms -unsnarled, systematic, uncoiled


Kudos  प्रशंसा

Synonyms – accolade, distinction, acclaim/applause, eulogy

•Antonyms -censure, condemnation, vituperation


Kindle  सुलगाना

Synonyms – ignite, inspire, arouse, awaken, arouse, light

•Antonyms:  extinguish, discourage, putout


Kinetic  गति संबंधी

Synonyms – brisk, dynamic, sprightly, strenuous, lively

•Antonyms -lethargic, sluggish, dull


Knack  कुशलता

Synonyms – trick, adeptness, technique, proficiency, bent, instinct

•Antonyms -ineptitude, lack, want


Knave धोखेबाज़

Synonyms – fraud, miscreant, rogue, scoundrel, swindler, reprobate

•Antonyms -gentleman, reputable, virtuous


Labored  अस्वाभाविक

Synonyms – contrived, strained, ponderous, forced, effortful

•Antonyms -relaxed, facile, easy


Lack  अभाव होना

Synonyms – deficiency, inadequacy, paucity, scarcity, shortcoming, dearth

•Antonyms -abundance, plethora, surplus


Lag  देर लगाना

Synonyms – dawdle, drag, linger, poke, procrastinate, detain

•Antonyms -push, expedite, hasten


Lament  शोक प्रकट करना

Synonyms – grieve, mourn, sorrow, suffer, bemoan, deplore

•Antonyms -celebrate, compliment, gloat


Languish  कमजोर होना

Synonyms – decline, degenerate, fade, wane, fizzle, flag

•Antonyms -flourish, improve, develop


Latent  छिपा हुआ

Synonyms – eventual, potential, abeyant, dormant, inactive, quiescent

•Antonyms -apparent, obvious, manifest


Laud  प्रशंसा करना

Synonyms – acclaim, eulogize, applaud, extol, glorify, commend

•Antonyms -blame, castigate, denounce


Lax  ढीला

Synonyms – lenient, tolerant, derelict, negligent, remiss, slack

•Antonyms -rigid, careful, virtuous


Lenient  उदार

Synonyms – charitable, indulgent, forbearing, lax, clement, tolerant

•Antonyms -rigorous, surly, harsh


Limit  सीमा

Synonyms – constraint, inhibition, stricture, ceiling, curb, restriction

•Antonyms -opening, infinity, expanse


Listless  बेपरवाह

Synonyms – eager, curious, ardent, indifferent, indolent, languid

•Antonyms -ardent, earnest, engaged


Lofty  घमंडी

Synonyms – elevated, eminent, dignified, stately, haughty, towering

•Antonyms -depressed, stunted, mean


Lucid  सुस्पष्ट

Synonyms – resplendent, pellucid, rational, limpid, lucent

•Antonyms -turbid, muddy, mystified


Lucrative  लाभदायक

Synonyms – gainful, advantageous, beneficial, useful, remunerative

•Antonyms -.vain, disadvantageous, fruitless


Lure  लालच देना

Synonyms – allure, entice, ensnare, entrap, seduce, tempt

•Antonyms -guide, instruct, conduct


Lurid  फीका   

Synonyms – murky, lowering, wan, dismal, gloomy, sad

•Antonyms -bright, luminous, bright


Lusty  कामुक

Synonyms – robust, vigorous, stout; burly, brawny, corpulent

•Antonyms -infirm, ailing, effete


Lavish  खर्चीला

Synonyms – luxurious, opulent, extravagant, prodigal, profuse, generous

•Antonyms -economical, scanty, scarce

English Study Material
Lean  दुबला-पतला

Synonyms – bony, lanky, meager, slender, succinct, brief

•Antonyms -plump, chubby, overweight


Legitimate  जायज

Synonyms – lawful, legal, licit, justifiable, logical, valid

•Antonyms -invalid, illegal, unwarranted


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