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KBL : English Kaa Mahasangram ( English का महासंग्राम ) from 14th Nov. 2018

KBL : English Kaa Mahasangram ( English का महासंग्राम ) from 14th Nov. 2018

KBL : English Kaa Mahasangram ( English का महासंग्राम ) from 14th Nov. 2018

Details of English event

 English Kaa Mahasangram

English event name : English Kaa Mahasangram ( English का महासंग्राम )

  • English grammar and vocabulary : complete solution
  • There will be fifty tests. Each test will have 25 questions. Level of tests will be difficult and unique questions will be included.
  • These questions will be explained through Videos in full details.
  • This way grammar and vocabulary will be covered in interesting and exam oriented way.
  • There will be 50 episodes. It means one episode on one test. In this way there will be 50 episodes i.e. 50 tests.
  • If a student attempts all 50 tests and watches video solution of each which will be explained in a detailed manner ,the student will be able to improve his English and will be able to clear the exam.
  • Tests will be published on website and students should take the test before watching solution video on youtube.
  • All 50 videos will be published on youtube. Videos will remain on youtube for one week. Due to commercial reasons we will delete these videos after that. However videos and PDF will be provided to paid course students as per the validity of their course.
  •  English Kaa Mahasangram


This event will start on 14th Nov 2018. There will be 50 Episodes.


Step 1 : 25 Questions i.e. English paper will be published on website. Timing 6 PM daily Monday – Friday.

Step 2: Students should attempt this test. Otherwise improvement in learning may not be as per the desired expectations.

Step 3 :We will publish video made  by Neeru Madam at 9 PM on Youtube ( validity one week on youtube). In this video detailed explanation will be provided. Complete solution : English Grammar + Vocabulary.

Step 4: Students should assess themselves how much did they score.

Step 5 : Winner of the test of each episode will be published.

Who will be the winner : the student who will do maximum questions correct and take minimum time will be rewarded Rs 500/- or 3 winners 1st winner (Rs 250/- , 2nd winner( Rs 150/-) , 3rd winner (Rs 100) and their names will be published on website / video as per policy of the day like we did in ssc cgl tier 3.  Cash transfer will be through PAYTM.

Winners coordinate at 8295688244 to collect the prize.

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