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English Idioms and Phrases from A-M For SSC CGL

English Idioms and Phrases from A-M For SSC CGL

English Idioms and Phrases from A-M For SSC CGL


1. A backslider : A lazy, irresponsible person who does not support a combines effort.

2. A back-stabber : A person is a back-stabber who unexpectedly betrays your trust.

3. A bad omen : An indication that something bad is about to happen.
4. A ballpark figure : An approximate estimate of how-many or how-much.
5. A barefaced-lie : A bold and brazen untruthful statement; a shameless, obvious lie.
6. A bit beyond my ken : Above my level of understanding; beyond my ability to grasp.
7. A bit dicey :  A little risky.
8. A bit dodgy :  Dishonest.
9. A bit much :  Over-exaggerated.
10. A bit obtuse  : A little dull and stupid.


  1. Babbling idiot : A mentally-challenged person who talks incoherent nonsense without stopping.
  2. Babes in the woods: Young people so innocent that they have no idea of the dangers around them.
  3. Back down: Reverse your opinion and admit you were wrong.
  4. Back stairs gossip: Talk among servants/ unfair talks.
  5. Back stairs influence: Improper and private influence.
  6. Back out of: Fail to fulfill an obligation.
  7. Back seat driver: Someone who sits in the back seat of a car and tells the driver what to do.
  8. Back to earth: Return to reality from a world of fantasy and illusion.
  9. Back to square one: To go back to the beginning of a project or task and start over again from the beginning.
  10. Back to the drawing board: Scrap or cancel a project and go back and start to draw up new plans again.

English Idioms

  1. Caged-in like a wild animal: To have no freedom.
  2. Calculated-risk : A risk taken after careful thinking.
  3. Call it quits : Give up
  4. Call a spade and spade : To be frank.
  5. Call-off: Cancel
  6. Call names : To abuse.
  7. Call the shots : Give the orders
  8. Callous remark : Hurtful,  insensitive comment showing lack of feeling for others.
  9. Can see a mile off : Quite clear and evident.
  10. Carry the coal to Newcastle : A useless effort.


  1. Democle’s sword : Constant threat.
  2. Damp squib : Complete failure though earlier thought to be exciting.
  3. Dampen your hopes : To discourage your spirits and make you lose hope.
  4. Dance to one’s tune : Obeying one’s order.
  5. Dance attendance upon : To be in servile attitude all the time.
  6. Dark days ahead : A dim and dismal future
  7. Dark horse : A person with little hopes of winning something surprises everybody and wins.
  8. Dash off home : Hurry or rush home
  9. Day and night : All around the clock continuously without stopping.
  10. Day in and day out : Constant day-by-day routine


  1. Each man for himself : Everyone look out for himself with no help from anyone else.
  2. Each to his own : Everyone has the right to his own taste, opinion or choice.
  3. Eagle-eyed : With eyes as sharp as those of an eagle.
  4. Early bird : Someone who catches the first opportunity before others get there.
  5. Early grave : Death before expected.
  6. Earn your keep : Make money to live on.
  7. Earthly desires : Worldly sensual craving.
  8. Ease up on me : Don’t be so harsh; take it easy on me.
  9. Easier said than done : That is easier to say than to do.
  10. Easiest thing in the world : Very simple.


  1. Fabricated excuse : A total lie which is made-up to get out of trouble.
  2. Fabian policy : Intentional slow policy/ policy of delaying decisions.
  3. Face reality : Face the facts.
  4. Face the challenge : Meet the confrontation with confidence and courage in order to overcome it.
  5. Face the consequences : Accept and pay the penalty for what you have done.
  6. Face the music : Face the consequences and pay the penalty for what you have done.
  7. Face your fears : Meet your fears head-on and don’t run away from them.
  8. Face-to-face : Being right in front of another person looking him straight in the face.
  9. Facts of life : The realities of life the way it really is.
  10. Fail to see : Cannot understand or comprehend.


  1. Gala affair: Big, festive celebration
  2. Gang-up-on somebody : Attack in a group against only one person, physically or verbally.
  3. Gape at somebody : Stare, open-mouthed at someone.
  4. Gas bag : A person who talks too much.
  5. Gearing-up for action : Preparing up for activities that will bring about success.
  6. General amnesty : A pardon for offenders and prisoners.
  7. Gentleman’s agreement : An unwritten agreement made between honorable gentlemen.
  8. Get a good spanking : Take a beating.
  9. Get a grip on yourself : Control yourself and dont lose temper.
  10. Get ahead : Make progress in business life.


  1. Haggard look : exhausted or worn out expression
  2. Hair stand-on-end Scary : Terrifying
  3. Hair’s breadth : A near shave
  4. Hair-raising : Scary
  5. Hair-splitting : Going into fine argumentative details.
  6. Hairy experience : Hazardous and frightening moment.
  7. Half-hearted : Unenthusiastic ; without commitment or enthusiasm.
  8. Halcyon days : Peaceful days.
  9. Half-the-battle : Half of the way towards success.
  10. Half-wit : Someone with only half the normal intelligence of others.


  1. I can’t bear it anymore : It’s too much for me.
  2. I can’t bear that man : I cannot tolerate that man.
  3. I can’t stand it : I can’t tolerate it any more
  4. I cannot condone that : I cannot accept that
  5. I don’t get it. : I don’t quite understand.
  6. I don’t get the thrust of your argument : I don’t see the main purpose or idea.
  7. I don’t have a clue. : I have absolutely no idea.
  8. I don’t have all day. : Hurry-up and get a move on because I’m in a big rush;
  9. I figure that : I anticipate that
  10. I get the picture : I see and understand what you are telling me.


  1. Jack of all trades master of none : Having worked in every kind of job but not being expert on any one.
  2. Jam-packed : Crowded to the bursting point
  3. Jaundiced-attitude : Pessimistic way of seeing.
  4. Jail bird : A person who is or has been confined to jail.
  5. Jaundiced eye : To look at something with a prejudiced view.
  6. Jealousy gets you nowhere :  There is no benefit in being
  7. Jeering crowd : A large gathering of angry people who are shouting disapproval.
  8. Jittery nerves : Jumpy, shaky nerves.
  9. Jog the mind : prod someone’s memory
  10. Johnny-on-the-spot : Someone who responds and comes quickly when needed;

English Idioms

  1. Kangaroo court: A group of self-appointed court members set up hastily to judge and punish.
  2. Keen observer : Sharp in observing.
  3. Keep a civil tongue in your head : Speak politely with good manners the way society expects.
  4. Keep a secret : Don’t tell anybody.
  5. Keep abreast of : Stay up-to-date.
  6. Keep an eye on someone : Watch someone to see what he does.
  7. Keep an eye out for : Be on the lookout for.
  8. Keep in check : Restrain
  9. Keep in step with the times : Up-to-date.
  10. Keep in touch : Remain in contact.


  1. Labor of love : Something that you do because you love doing it.
  2. Labor under the illusion : Be under the false impression that.
  3. Laborious task : A lot of hard work and effort.
  4. Labor-the-point : Keep talking on-and-on about the same matter or point
  5. Lack of funds : Shortage of Funds
  6. Lack of understanding : Not to understand something
  7. Lady luck : Chance fortune; fate.
  8. Lady’s man : A man who likes the ladies and they like him.
  9. Lag behind : Drop back
  10. Laid back : Relaxed; easy-going; calm; cool.


  1. Mad as a wet hen : Very angry.
  2. Mad as a march hare : Crazy and insane.
  3. Made-up : Imaginary; not true; fabricated
  4. Magic moment : Special moment.
  5. Maiden name : A  women’s surname before marriage.
  6. Maiden voyage : A ship’s first voyage.
  7. Maimed-for-life : Deformed by bodily injury for the rest of one’s life.
  8. Main ambition : Mist important aim or goal in life.
  9. Main man : The most important person.
  10. Maintain balance : Equilibrium


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