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essay Effect of climate change on vegetation ssc chsl tier 2

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essay Effect of climate change on vegetation ssc chsl tier 2

essay Effect of climate change on vegetation ssc chsl tier 2


“Since our leaders are behaving like children, we should take the responsibility we should have taken long ago.” -Great Thunberg


Listening to these words, one wonders whether to feel heartened to see a young child talking about something as serious as climate change or to feel disheartened to see the grown-ups living in denial about it.


Climate change is any significant long term change in the expected climate pattern, whether due to natural variability or as a result of human activity. Environmental conditions play a key role in defining the function and distribution of plants.


Changing climatic variables relevant to the function and distribution of plants include increasing carbon dioxide concentrations, increasing global temperatures, altered precipitation patterns, changes in the pattern of extreme weather events such as cyclones, fires, or storms, a decrease in water availability, and changes to soil condition. All these factors stunt plant growth. Along with these, there are several indirect effects too, such as a change in the migratory pattern of several birds, which severely affects the pollination of several plant species.


We have reached a stage where we can see both indirect and direct consequences of climate change. Several species of plants have become extinct because of it and many....To continue read this topic click here

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