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Economics Quiz Answers for SSC CGL 2018

Economics Quiz Answers for SSC CGL 2018

Economics Quiz Answers for SSC CGL 2018

Economics Quiz Answers for SSC CGL 2018
Q1. Who has propounded the doctrine of unbalanced growth ?

(a) R. Nurske

(b) Resenstein Roden

(c) H. Myint

(d) Albert O. Hirschman

Answer : d

Q2. Who  wrote the book’ Poverty and un- British rule in India  ?

(a) Romesh Chandra  dutt

(b) P.C  joshi

(c) Surendra  Nath Banerjee

(d) Dada Bhai Naoroji

 Answer : d

Q3. Low  absorption capacity in the Indus trial labour force points out that the expansion of the industrial sector

(a) Has failed to transform the structure of the economy

(b) Has helped to change the agrarian structure

(c) Basically  concentrated in the hi-tech area

(d) Signifies nothing of the above

Answer : a

Q4. In India , the employment opportunities have failed to grow rapidly because of

(a) Fixed technical co -efficients  in  in-dustrial sector

(b) Low complementarity of industrial structure

(c) Variable technical  co-efficients

(d) Limited availability of raw materials

Answer : a

Q5. The marginal productivity of labour  in agriculture in India has turned out to be

(a) Positive

(b) Negative

(c) Zero

(d) Infinity

Answer : c

Q6.The unemployment is caused primarily  by

(a)  High population growth

(b) High birth rates in the rural area

(c) The defective manpower planning

(d) None of the above

Answer : c

Q7. The marginal cost is less than the average cost when average cost falls with

(a) An increase in output

(b) A decrease in output

(c) Constant Output

(d) None of the above

Answer : a

Q8. with increase in average cost, marginal cost rises at a

(a) Slower rate

(b) Faster rate

(c) Similar rate

(d)Does not rise

Answer : b

Q9. Specific capital which can produce only one commodity or service is called

(a) Floating capital

(b) Sunk capital

(c) Variable capital

(d) Fixed capital

Answer : b

Q10. Optimum Capacity is also known as

(a) Plant Capacity

(b) Firm Capacity

(c) Production Capacity

(d) None of the above

Answer : a

Q11. When a firm experiences external economies,its cost curves

(a) Shift Downwards

(b) Shift Upwards

(c) Remain Unchanged

(d) None of the above

Answer : a

Q12. Those cash payments which  firms make to outsiders for their services and goods are called

(a) Real costs

(b) Social costs

(c) Explicit costs

(d) Implicit  costs

Answer : c

Q13. Social cost is equal to

(a)  Implicit  costs + Private costs

(b) External costs + Private costs

(c) Explicit costs + External costs

(d) Private costs + opportunity costs

Answer : b

Q14. Income Elasticity of a “necessity” is ……………… less than unity.

(a) Never

(b) Always

(c) Rarely

(d) Usually

Answer : d

Q15. A commodity is considered to be a ‘luxury’ if its income elasticity is

(a) Greater than unity

(b) Less than unity

(c) Equal to Zero

(d) Equal to unity

Answer : a


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