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Duties of a good citizen SSC CGL Tier 3 SSC CHSL Tier 2

Duties of a good citizen SSC CGL Tier 3 I SSC CHSL Tier 2

Essay-Duties of a good citizen SSC CGL Tier 3 IDuties of a good citizen SSC CGL Tier 3 SSC CHSL Tier 2 SSC CHSL Tier 2

As we all know that man, no matter where he stays, in the family, in the society, in the office or in the country, he has some obligations towards them. These obligations of an individual are called duties. Just like towards all these, man has some obligations or duties towards his country as well. Anyone who fulfills his duties is called a good citizen.


The foremost duty of a good citizen is his loyalty to the country of his birth. It should be dearer to him than all his worldly possessions, and he should always be ready to sacrifice everything for its sake. He should have firm and deep faith in the welfare of his motherland. He must respect the constitution of his country and obey its laws.


A good citizen must also have great respect for the tradition and culture of his country. He should have great regard for its heroes and great people and ought to take pride to be born in the land blessed by their birth. He should work hard to take his country forward and also help the

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