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essay doctors are living god ssc chsl tier 2

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essay doctors are living god ssc chsl tier 2

essay doctors are living god ssc chsl tier 2


Does God exist, one often wonders. I believe it does, in the form of doctors. After all, it is a divine task to cure a malady, look after the needy and save someone from death’s clutches, is it not? So, it is not an exaggeration to call doctors living God. And doctors, on their part, have always lived up to this epithet through their strenuous efforts and selfless service of mankind.


Being a doctor is a challenging task. Only the one, who possesses the spirit of selfless service and the strong resolution to endure all the hardships that come along while serving others, can truly become a doctor. And in a country like India, where resources are limited and overburdened, this profession becomes even more difficult.


To add to their woes, they often face violence on part of patients or their families. But our doctors have proved their mettle even in such trying conditions. The fact that our life expectancy has increased from a mere 32 years at the time...To continue read this topic click here

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