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GK Questions: MCQ based on Discovery and Invention

GK Questions: MCQ based on Discovery and Invention

GK Questions: MCQ based on Discovery and Invention

Q1. Who invented Penicillin ?
(a) William Harvey (b) Louis Pasteur (c) Alexander Fleming (d) Edward Jenner
Q2. Who invented aeroplane ?

GK Questions: MCQ based on Discovery and Invention Pinnacle Coaching
GK Questions: MCQ based on Discovery and Invention Pinnacle Coaching

(a) Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright (b) Sir Frank Whittle (c) Michael Faraday (d) Christian Huygens
Q3. X-rays were discovered by –
(a) Faraday (b) Roentgen (c) H. Davy (d) Lavoisier
Q4. Who invented ‘Helicopter’?
(a) Cockrell (b) Brequet (c) Otis (d) Igor Sikorsky
Q5. Who discovered North Pole ?
(a) Robert Peary (b) Amundsen (c) Tasman (d) John Cabot
Q6. Who discovered Solar System ?
(a) Newton (b) John Hadley (c) Copernicus (d) Galileo
Q7. Insulin was discovered by:
(a) F. Banting (b) Edward Jenner (c) Ronald Ross (d) S.A.Wakesman
Q8. Which of the following machines was designed by Charles Babbage?
(a) Analytical engine (b) Arithmetic engine (c) Tabulating machine (d) Punched card
Q9. Force of deflection was first discovered by
(a) Coriolis (b) Ferrel (c) Thornthwaite (d) Koeppen
Q10. Who is associated with the invention of Nylon ?
(a) Louis Pasteur (b) J. Nicephore Niepce (c) John Corbutt (d) Dr. Wallace H. Carothers
Q11. Who was the leader of the team that developed the ‘Web Browser’ known as Mosaic?

(a) Marc Anderssen (b) Bob Kahn (c) Paul Mockapetris (d) Tim Berners-Lee
Q12. Who is the inventor of the Web?
(a) Mike Sendall (b) Tim Berners-Lee (c) Bill Gates (d) Ted Nelson
Q13. The computer was invented by
(a) Faraday (b) Maxwell (c) Babbage (d) Bill Gates
Q14. Humidity is measured by
(a) Lactometer (b) Polarimeter (c) Thermometer (d) Hygrometer
Q15. Who invented Portland Cement?
(a) Leonardo da Vinci (b) Denis Gason (c) Joseph Aspdin (d) Percy L. Spencer
Q16. Who invented Cinema?
(a) Thomas Alva Edison (b) Nicolas and Jean Lumiere (c) William Murdock (d) Dr. J. Brandenberger

Q17. Who invented the hydrogen bomb?
(a) J.Robert Oppenheimer (b) Albert Einstein (c) Samuel Cohen (d) Edward Taylor
Q18. The telephone was invented by:
(a) G. Marconi (b) Alexander Graham Bell (c) J.L. Baird (d) Thomas Barrow
Q19. Who invented chloroform as anaesthetic?
(a) James Simpson (b) Edward Jenner (c) Alexander Fleming (d) Christian Barnard
Q20. Who invented vaccination?
(a) James Simpson (b) Edward Jenner (c) Alexander Fleming (d) Christian Barnard
Q21. Who invented the Jet Engine?
(a) Karl Benz (b) Sir Frank Whittle (c) Thomas Savery (d) Michael Faraday
Q22. Who invented vaccination for ‘Small Pox’?
(a) Sir Fredrick Grant Banting (b) Sir Alexander Fleming (c) Edward Jenner (d) Louis Pasteur
Q23. Who invented penicillin?
(a) Alexander Fleming (b) Louis Pasteur (c) Dreser (d) Edward Jenner
Q24. Electron microscope was discovered by
(a) Garhn and Shortt (b) Knoll and Ruska (c) Farmer and Moore (d) Janseen and Janseen
Q25. Bacteria was first discovered by
(a) A.V. Leeuwenhoek (b) Robert Hooke (c) Robert Koch (d) Louis Pasteur
Q26. Who discovered North Pole ?
(a) Amundson (b) Robert Peary (c) John Cobot (d) Captain Cook
Q27. Who discovered cement?
(a) Agassit (b) Albertus Magnus (c) Joseph Aspdin (d) Janseen
Q28. X-rays were discovered by
(a) Becquerel (b) Roentgen (c) Marie Curie (d) Van Lye
Q29. Leprosy bacillus was invented by
(a) Koch (b) Hansen (c) Fleming (d) Harvey
Q30. For which invention is Otto Hahn famous?
(a) Atom bomb (b) Television (c) X-rays (d) Miner’s safety lamp
Q31. Gunpowder was invented by
(a) Roger Bacon (b) Colt (c) C.V. Raman (d) Dr. Gatting
Q32. The first thermionic valve was invented by
(a) Thomas Edison (b) Richardson (c) J.A. Fleming (d) Lee De Forest
Q33. Electron was discovered by
(a) Ernest Rutherford (b) Max Planck (c) Joseph Thomson (d) Albert Einstein
Q34. Who invented the video-tape?
(a) Richard James (b) Charles Ginsberg (c) P. T. Farnsworth (d) Georges de Mestral
Q35. Who invented optical fibre?
(a) Samuel Cohen (b) Narinder Kapany (c) Percy L. Spencer (d) T.H. Maimah
Q36. Who is recognised as the Father of Geometry?
(a) Pythagoras (b) Euclid (c) Johann Kepler (d) Rene Descartes
Q37. Who developed the first automatic automobile?
(a) Goatleab Daimler (b) Henry Ford (c) Rudolf Diesel (d) Karl Benz
Q38. Who built the first modem motorcar?
(a) Henry Ford (b) Karl Benz (c) Daimler (d) Henry Austin
Q39. Who invented Radar?
(a) J.H. Van Tassel (b) Wilhelm K. Roentgen (c) P.T. Farnsworth (d) A.H. Taylor & Leo C. Young
Q40. Who introduced the use of artificial heart for surgery ?
(a) Christian Barnard (b) Michael de Bakey (c) Walton Lillehel (d) Denton Cooly
Q41. What is the name given to the outermost “planetoid” discovered recently in the Solar System ?
(a) Quark (b) Xenon (c) Sedna (d) Asterix
Q42. Who is known as ‘the Father of Geometry’?
(a) Pythagoras (b) Euclid (c) Aristotle (d) Kepler
Q43. Which among the following events occurred first ?
(a) John Logy Baird demonstrated first television (b) Alexander Flemming discovered pencillin
(c) Telecast of talking pictures on television by BBC (d) Jonas E.Salk developed first polio vaccine
Q44. Who is the father of cellular phone?
(a) Linus Torvalds (b) Percy Lebaron Spencer (c) Fred Morrison (d) Martin Cooper
Q45. Who invented the “Voice Mail”?
(a) Gordon Matthews (b) Alexander Graham Bell (c) J.A. Fleming (d) V. Poulsen
Q46. Who invented the polio vaccine (oral)?
(a) Jonas Salk (b) Albert Sabin (c) Burkholder (d) Robert Koch
Q47. Which company invented the transistor radio ?
(a) Sony (b) Grundig (c) Panasonic (d) Telstra
Q48. Who invented the laser?
(a) Sir Frank Whittle (b) Fred Morrisson (c) T.H. Maiman (d) Dr. Charles H. Jones
Q49. Who invented the video-tape?
(a) Richard James (b) Charles Ginsberg (c) P.T. Farnsworth (d) Georges de Mestral
Q50. Who was associated with the creation of Pentium Chip ?
(a) Arun Netravalli (b) Sabeer Bhalia (c) C. Kumar Patel (d) Vinod Dham
Q51. Who produced the first automobile?
(a) Gottleib Daimler (b) Henry Ford (c) Rudolf Diesel (d) Karl Benz
Q52. Who invented Radar?
(a) J. H. Van Tassel (b) Wilhelm K. Roentgen (c) P. T. Farnsworth (d) A. H.Taylor and Leo C. Young
Q53. Who invented optical fibre?
(a) Samuel Cohen (b) Narinder Kapany (c) Percy L.Spencer (d) T.H. Maimah


 GK Questions: MCQ based on Discovery and Invention Pinnacle Coaching : answer key 
1 c
2 a
3 b
4 d
5 a
6 d
7 a
8 a
9 b
10 d
11 a
12 b
13 c
14 d
15 c
16 b
17 d
18 b
19 a
20 b
21 b
22 c
23 a
24 b
25 a
26 b
27 c
28 b
29 b
30 a
31 a
32 c
33 c
34 b
35 b
36 b
37 d
38 b
39 d
40 a
41 c
42 b
43 a
44 d
45 a
46 b
47 a
48 c
49 b
50 b
51 d
52 d
53 b

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