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Competitive Exams Most Important English Idioms And Phrases

Competitive Exams Most Important English Idioms And Phrases

Competitive Exams Most Important English Idioms And Phrases

Dear Readers,

Idioms and phrases play a very important role in Tier 2 English language paper. From the past few years some rare and uncommon idioms and phrases are also asked by SSC unlike the earlier years. So you need to prepare extensively to score better.Earlier the students did the previous year papers and scored well as most of the questions were repeated .But the scenario has changed now. Pinnacle has covered some rare idioms and phrases along with their meanings below which would prove to be very beneficial.There will be 15 parts of this series and this is the  next part of the series.


To help you we are sharing Most Important Idioms and Phrases for SSC CGL exam.


Q1. Pull to pieces

(a) moving belt in a factory

(b) conveyor belt in a factory

(c) criticize sharply

(d) students prayer time

Q2. quite the contrary

(a) in conclusion

(b) in addition

(c) the exact opposite

(d) finally

Q3. Someone to lay the blame upon

(a) Scapegoat

(b) Scrapgoat

(c) Scrape goad

(d) Scraps goats

Q4. Seek solace            

(a) Find peace

(b) Find something important

(c) Find a new way

(d) Searching something

Competitive Exams

Q5. Set-in-your-ways   

(a) Inflexible

(b) Adjustable

(c) Adaptable

(d) Over smart

Q6. Does not care

(a) Shrug it off

(b) Shrug it of

(c) Shrugged

(d) Smug it off

Q7. Sparking clean

(a) Spice and spanned

(b) Spice  and span

(c) Speak and span

(d) Spic and span

Q8. Poor loser

(a) Sore loser

(b) Sour loser

(c) Soar Loser

(d) Soar looser

Q9. Thin

(a) Sleek and slender

(b) Sleek  and slim

(c) Slender and slimy

(d) Slender and tender

Q10. A dumb question

(a) To make someone happy

(b) To take order

(c) To follow

(d) A silly question

Q11. to rope in

(a) to make a lot of transgressions

(b) to make a lot hybrids

(c) to make someone available

(d) to make a lot of friends

Q12. The early bird gets the worm

(a) hard work leads to success

(b) birds are hard workers

(c) one should get up early

(d) people who start early get benefits in life

Q13. the captain of one’s own ship

(a) one’s own boss

(b) one’s own captain

(c) one’s own leader

(d) all of the above

Q14. it goes without saying

(a) it is obvious

(b) the facts are clear

(c) as you can see

(d) all of the above

Q15. the icing on the cake

(a) the best part

(b) the amazing part

(c) the good part

(d) all of above

Q16. take over

(a) to take a chance

(b) to take control of

(c) to take a loss

(d) to lose control          

Q17.Pull to pieces

(a) moving belt in a factory

(b) conveyor belt in a factory

(c) criticize sharply

(d) students prayer time

Q18. clear the air about

(a) to eliminate any ambiguity

(b) to set right

(c) to make clear once and for all

(d) make everyone know

Q19. expand one’s horizons

(a) to invade a country

(b) to explore new territory

(c) to invest in a country

(d) to stay close to home

Q20. all in all

(a) when everything is considered

(b) in the final analysis

(c) when all is said and done

(d) all of the above

Q21. cost an arm and a leg

(a) to pay heavily

(b) to be extremely costly

(c) to be not affordable

(d) all of the above

Q22. keep one’s eye on the prize 

(a) to fail to win a prize

(b) to remember those you prize

(c) to have a talent for winning

(d) to focus always on what you are working for

Q23. push the matter

(a) to mail a letter

(b) to go to the extreme

(c) to buy and sell paper

(d) none

Q24. give it one’s best shot

(a) to feel devastated

(b) to feel overwhelmed

(c) to try to hit someone

(d) to try one’s best

Q25. drop out of

(a) to quit

(b) to live

(c) to end

(d) all of the above

Q26.in black and white

(a) clear

(b) in writing

(c) obvious choices

(d) all of the above

Q27. climb the corporate ladder

(a) to advance quickly in a company

(b) to sell ladders for a company

(c) to enter a company finally

(d) to work for a corporation

Q28. void of

(a) full of

(b) empty of

(c) half full of

(d) in need of

Q29. take over

(a) to take a chance

(b) to take control of

(c) to take a loss

(d) to lose control

Q30. without a doubt 

(a) certainly

(b) no question

(c) clearly

(d) all of the above

Q31. get wind of the fact that

(a) to lose an argument

(b) to receive information

(c) to make a tough decision

(d) to get to know something  

Competitive Exams
Q32. Vicious circle

(a) a complete circle

(b) related events

(c) events that are related in such a way that they make each other worse

(d) in an unfortunate situation

Q33. zero tolerance

(a) to overlook things

(b) to watch carefully

(c) will not be tolerated

(d) complete patience

Q34. zip your lip

(a) say something unpleasant

(b) to keep quiet

(c) to close the mouth

(d) speak unnecessarily

Q35. Wrangle over an ass shadow

(a) to quarrel over the trifles

(b) to be happy together

(c) to play

(d) to watch something together

Q36. visit upon

(a) to force upon

(b) to go and visit

(c) to spend time with

(d) to educate about

Q37. unsung sacrifice

(a) recognized

(b) rewarded

(c) unrecognized

(d) acknowledged

Q38. to run against the clock

(a) to be in a hurry to finish due to shortage of time

(b) to finish just in time

(c) Last minute preparations

(d) none

Q39.  reduce to ashes

(a) redone

(b) leading to no result

(c) destroyed completely

(d) revamp

Q40. spill the beans

(a) to expose the secret

(b) drop the vegetables

(c) to blackmail someone

(d) none


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