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Combined Graduate Level Synonyms and Antonyms

Combined Graduate Level Synonyms and Antonyms


Dear Aspirants,

Here we are providing you a material on Antonym and Synonym for SSC CGL . If you go through the analysis of last two days of the paper, you will come to know that around 3-4 questions on series are asked for each time slot. It will surely build your confidence for the exam.


Haphazard  आकस्मिक

Synonyms – indiscriminate, unplanned, random, arbitrary

•Antonyms -systematic, organized, planned


Harass  तंग करना

Synonyms – beset, hound, annoy, plague, pester, torment

•Antonyms -aid, facilitate, support


Hardship  मुसीबत

Synonyms – asperity, difficulty, adversity, affliction, catastrophe, distress

•Antonyms: benefit, assistance, ease


Harmony  तालमेल

Synonyms – accord, agreement, conformity, rapport, symmetry

•Antonyms -disagreement, discord, clash


Harsh  कठोर

Synonyms – coarse, jagged, rugged, hoarse, jarring, acerbic

•Antonyms -mild, pleasing, soft I


Hateful  घृणा करने के योग्य

Synonyms – malicious, malevolent, malignant, nasty, spiteful, vicious

•Antonyms -amiable, harmless


Hazardous  खतरनाक

Synonyms – dangerous, jeopardous, perilous, treacherous, chancy, risky

•Antonyms -guarded, safe, secure


Hoax  धोखा देना   

Synonyms – con, deceit, fake, fraud, gimmick, prank

•Antonyms -frankness, openness, uprightness


Homely  साधारण

Synonyms – plain, unattractive, simple, ordinary, comfortable

•Antonyms -attractive, modern, charming


Homogenous  एक समान

Synonyms – akin, alike,’ analogous, identical, uniform, similar

•Antonyms -heterogeneous, varied, discrete


Horrific  डरावना

Synonyms – horrible, horrid, terrible, awful, dreadful, beastly

•Antonyms -comforting, reassuring, satisfying


Hostile  प्रतिरोधी

Synonyms – belligerent, combative, contentious, pugnacious

•Antonyms -agreeable, friendly, gentle


Humorous  मजाकिया

Synonyms – amusing, comic, jocular,- witty, facetious, funny

•Antonyms -morose, sad, tragic


Hurdle  बाधा डालना

Synonyms – bar, barrier, block, clog, hamper, impediment

•Antonyms -furtherance, assistance, help


Hackneyed  घिसा-पिटा

Synonyms – banal, stale, timeworn, overused, cliche, stereotyped

•Antonyms -original, fresh, unused


Hale  स्वस्थ

Synonyms – healthy, sound, wholesome, fit, flourishing, robust

•Antonyms -sick, unhealthy, weak


Hamper  बाधा डालना

Synonyms – fetter, manacle, shackle, tie, trammel, restrict

•Antonyms -expedite, promote, aid


Hardy  साहसी  

Synonyms – stout, stalwart, rugged,’ intrepid, valiant, plucky

•Antonyms -feeble, invalid, infirm


Haughty  घमंडी

Synonyms – arrogant, insolent, overbearing, proud, supercilious, lofty

•Antonyms -humble, meek, shy


Headlong  बे सोचे समझे

Synonyms – brash, foolhardy, impetuous, impulsive, slapdash, reckless

•Antonyms -cautious, thoughtless’ wary


Hearten  प्रशंसा करना

Synonyms – buck up, cheer, encourage, animate, perk up, buoy

•Antonyms -dishearten, undermine; obstruct


Hesitant  संकोची

Synonyms – indecisive, irresolute, tentative, wavering, pendulous, halting

•Antonyms -certain, definite, resolute


Heterogeneous  विविध

Synonyms – assorted, diverse, multifarious, sundry, varied

•Antonyms -alike, conforming, identical


Hilarious  हंसाने वाली बात या घटना

Synonyms – funny, amusing, jovial, gleeful, frolicsome

•Antonyms:   grave, somber, tragic


Hinder  अड़चन डालना

Synonyms – encumber, obstruct, impede, deter, curb, clog

•Antonyms:  forward, push, advance


Homage  श्रद्धांजलि

Synonyms – deference, honour, obeisance, esteem, reverence, tribute

•Antonyms: scorn, treachery, ‘disloyalty


Hospitable  मेहमान नवाज़

Synonyms – affable, warm, gracious, congenial, courteous, friendly

•Antonyms:  alienating, estranged, rude


Humbug  छल-कपट

Synonyms – charlatan, fake, fraud, impostor, phony, pretender

•Antonyms -genuine, truthful, original


Humiliate  अपमानित करना

Synonyms – abase, degrade, demean, humble, mortify, denigrate

•Antonyms -elevate, laud, praise


Hypocrite  पाखंडी

Synonyms – phony, charlatan,, spurious, sham, pseudo

•Antonyms -genuine, real, sincere


Hypothetical  परिकल्पित

Synonyms – abstract, theoretical, presumptive, suppositious, inferential

•Antonyms -factual, measured, proven


Hapless  भाग्यहीन

Synonyms – ill-fated, luckless, unfortunate, cursed, jinxed, untoward

•Antonyms -fortuitous, lucky; well-off


Harrowing  खौफ़नाक , शोकजनक

Synonyms – agonizing, anguishing, excruciating, tormenting, tortuous, frightening

•Antonyms -calming, pleasant, straight, headstrong


Headstrong  अड़ियल

Synonyms – bullheaded, dogged, mulish, obstinate, perverse, tenacious

•Antonyms -docile, submissive, tolerant


Heartrending  शोकजनक

Synonyms – agonizing, distressing, pitiful, doleful, harrowing, tragic

•Antonyms -delightful, endurable, soothing


Heinous  जघन्य

Synonyms – atrocious, monstrous, outrageous, scandalous, shocking, disgraceful

•Antonyms -glorious, wonderful, pleasing


Heretic  धर्म विरोधी

Synonyms – dissident, nonconformist, schismatic, sectarian, separatist, dissenter

•Antonyms -adherent, faithful, loyalist


Hideous  घिनौना

Synonyms – ugly, displeasing, grim, gruesome, lurid, macabre

•Antonyms -pleasing, attractive, cheerful


Hoary  पुराना

Synonyms – ancient, antiquated, olden, archaic, venerable, timeworn

•Antonyms -modern, recent, forward-looking


Hone  पैना करना

Synonyms – acuminate, edge, sharpen, whet, grind, taper

•Antonyms -blunt, dull, round


Hubbub  चहल-पहल

Synonyms – tumult, clamor, din, hullabaloo, pandemonium, rumpus

•Antonyms -calm, order, peace


Hyperbole  किसी बात को घटा बढ़ाकर कहना

Synonyms – exaggeration, overstatement, baloney, hogwash,’ elaboration, boasting

•Antonyms -understatement, condensation, suppression


Ideal  आदर्श

Synonyms – exemplary, model, standard, perfect, supreme

•Antonyms -flawed, imperfect, problematic


Identical  एक जैसा

Synonyms – same, similar, equal, equivalent, tantamount, even

•Antonyms -distinct, diverse, dissimilar


Ignite जलाना

Synonyms – kindle, fire, light, inflame, alight, burn, incense

•Antonyms -extinguish, pacify, quench


Ignorant  अज्ञानी

Synonyms – illiterate, uneducated, unaware, oblivious, unacquainted

•Antonyms -aware, knowledgeable, literate


Illegitimate  अवैध

Synonyms – illegal, illicit, outlawed, bastard, spurious, misbegotten

•Antonyms -authorized, ethical, moral


Illicit  गैरकानूनी

Synonyms – lawless, unlawful, clandestine, adulterous

•Antonyms -legitimate, noble, proper


Immense  बहुत

Synonyms – enormous, monumental, vast, titanic, colossal, elephantine

•Antonyms -minute, tiny, paltry


Impartial  पक्षपात रहित

Synonyms – dispassionate, equitable, indifferent, unbiased, just

•Antonyms -prejudiced, partial, discriminating


Impromptu  बिना तैयारी के

Synonyms – extemporary, improvised, offhand, unrehearsed

•Antonyms -deliberate, planned, premeditated


Inclusive  को मिला कर

Synonyms – comprehensive, expansive, extensive, wispread, extended

•Antonyms -exclusive, narrow, selective


Increment  वृद्धि

Synonyms – advance, boost, hike, increase, jump, raise

•Antonyms -decrease, loss, slump


Indifferent  अपक्षपाती

Synonyms –  dispassionate, objective, just, apathetic, nonpartisan

•Antonyms -concerned, caring, sympathetic


Industrious  व्यवसायी

Synonyms -. assiduous, diligent, hardworking, studious, sedulous, laborious

•Antonyms -indolent, lethargic, slack


Inevitable  निश्चित

Synonyms-certain,, inescapable, unavoidable, definite, sure, doomed

•Antonyms -uncertain, unlikely, unsure


Infinite  अपरिमित

Synonyms-boundless, eternal, endless, unlimited, countless, innumerable

•Antonyms -definite, limited, measurable


Initial  प्रारम्भिक

Synonyms – inceptive, beginning, introductory, maiden, primary ,primordial

•Antonyms -closing, final, last


Innovative  नवप्रवर्तनशील

Synonyms-ingenious, inventive, original, improvised, unprecedented, novel

•Antonyms -customary, habitual, traditional


Inquisitive  जानने का इच्छुक

Synonyms-. curious, nosy, snoopy, inquiring, questioning, investigative

•Antonyms -disinterested, indifferent, incurious


Insane  पागल

Synonyms-crazy, daft, unsound, maniac, lunatic, dotty

•Antonyms -sane, rational, logical


Combined Graduate Level Synonyms and Antonyms


Insignificant  महत्त्वहीन

Synonyms-trivial, inconsequent, inconsiderable, meager, negligible

•Antonyms -significant, substantial, valuable


Intensify  तीव्र होना

Synonyms- aggravate, deepen, enhance, heighten, redouble, increase

•Antonyms:  weaken, soothe, lower


Intervene  हस्तक्षेप करना

Synonyms – interfere, intrude, meddle, obtrude, intercede, interpose

•Antonyms: ignore, withdraw, avoid


Intimate  सूचित करना , परिचित

Synonyms-close, familiar, friendly, interior, confidential, personal

•Antonyms : formal, incompatible, cool


Invert  पलटना

Synonyms-reverse, transpose, turn, flip, upturn, backtrack

•Antonyms:  advance, forward, hold


Invincible  अजेय

Synonyms-. impregnable, indomitable, unconquerable, unbeatable, unyielding, insurmountable

•Antonyms: beatable, conquerable, breakable


Irritate  चिढ़ाना

Synonyms- aggravate, bug, exasperate, fret, peeve, nettle

•Antonyms:   assuage, please, aid


Illuminate  प्रकाशित करना

Synonyms – lighten, clarify, elucidate, illustrate, enlighten, edify

•Antonyms: obscure, darken, cloud


Illusive  भ्रामक

Synonyms – chimerical, deceptive, fallacious, hallucinatory, visionary

•Antonyms: real, factual, definite


Immaculate  बेदाग

Synonyms – spotless, perfect, stainless, unsullied, unsoiled, errorless

•Antonyms:  foul, filthy, tainted


Immerse  डुबो देना

Synonyms – dip, douse, submerge, soak, consume, engross

•Antonyms:   dry, retrieve, surface


Impair  ख़राब करना

Synonyms – blemish, damage, tarnish, vitiate, flaw, mar

•Antonyms:   mend, fix, heal


Imperative  अनिवार्य

Synonyms – pressing, urgent, obligatory, mandatory, emergent, requisite

•Antonyms:  optional, voluntary, secondary


Imposing  प्रभाव डालने वाला

Synonyms – grand, magnificent, princely, splendid, stately, noble

•Antonyms:   drab, paltry, unimpressive


Impotent  शक्तिहीन

Synonyms – powerless, inadequate, barren, weak, infertile, sterile

•Antonyms:   productive, capable, strong


Impulsive  आवेगशील

Synonyms – brash, hasty, reckless, slapdash, instinctive, spontaneous

•Antonyms:   cautious, heedful, thoughtful


Inarticulate  व्यक्त करने में असमर्थ

Synonyms – dumb, mute, faltering, mum, voiceless, reticent

•Antonyms:  communicative, effusive, articulate


Inception  आरंभ

Synonyms – beginning, commencement, inauguration, launch, onset

•Antonyms:  conclusion, end, finish


Incessant  लगातार

Synonyms – ceaseless,  eternal, everlasting, perpetual, relentless

•Antonyms -intermittent, interrupted, ceasing


Incite  उत्तेजित करना

Synonyms – excite, foment, impel, instigate, trigger, prod

•Antonyms -halt, dissuade, repress


Inconsequential  असंगत

Synonyms – insignificant, trivial, petty, negligible, meager, irrelevant

•Antonyms -substantial, valuable, significant


Incorporate  इकठ्ठा करना

Synonyms – integrate, embody,combine, weave, assimilate, merge

•Antonyms -exclude, divide, drop


Incorrigible  असुधार्य

Synonyms – intractable, incurable, hardened, irreparable, hopeless

•Antonyms -manageable, obedient, reparable


Indeed  निस्संदेह

Synonyms – actually, certainly/genuinely, positively, truthfully

•Antonyms -doubtfully, questionably, dubitably


Indigenous  मूल निवासी

Synonyms – aboriginal, native, endemic, ingrained, inherent, inbred

•Antonyms -alien, foreign, extrinsic


Indiscriminate  अव्यवस्थित

Synonyms – haphazard, random, unplanned, desultory, assorted, motley

•Antonyms -systematic, orderly, methodical


Induce  मनाना

Synonyms – convince, persuade, effectuate, generate, trigger, bring about

•Antonyms -discourage, prevent, hinder


Infamy  बदनामी

Synonyms – notoriety, abomination, disrespect, ignominy, stigma, obloquy

•Antonyms -dignity, virtue, righteousness


Infatuate  मोहित करना

Synonyms – allure, enamour, beguile, bewitch, fascinate, enthrall

•Antonyms -disillusion, repel, disgust


Infer  निष्कर्ष निकालना

Synonyms – conclude, deduce, deduct, draw, guess, speculate

•Antonyms -doubt, misinterpret


Infuriate  क्रोधित करना

Synonyms – anger, enrage, incense, provoke, aggravate, exasperate

•Antonyms -please, soothe, pacify


Ingenious  निपुण

Synonyms – creative, innovative, inventive, original, resourceful, novel

•Antonyms -inept, dumb, customary


Inherent  स्वाभाविक

Synonyms – elemental, inbred, innate, intrinsic, ingrained, congenital

•Antonyms -acquired, incidental, external


Inhibit  बाधा डालना

Synonyms – bridle, constrain, curb, block, forbid, debar

•Antonyms: approve, assist, aid


Instigate  भड़काना

Synonyms – goad, propel, spur, stimulate motivate, incite

•Antonyms -halt, dissuade, discourage


Integrity  सत्यनिष्ठा

Synonyms – honesty, principle, honour, incorruptibility, strength, entirety

•Antonyms -corruption, disgrace, dishonesty


Intense  अति कठोर

Synonyms – fierce, desperate, vehement, violent, furious, concentrated

•Antonyms -moderate, mild, low-key


Intermittent  अनिरंतर

Synonyms – fitful, occasional, sporadic, periodical, cyclic, alternate

•Antonyms -perpetual, continual, regular


Intimidate  धमकी देना

Synonyms – frighten, threaten, menace, browbeat, bulldoze, bully

•Antonyms -assist, encourage, protect


Instinctive  स्वाभाविक

Synonyms – .intuitive, visceral, impulsive, involuntary, unpremeditated

•Antonyms -deliberate, conscious, mediated


Intrinsic  वास्तविक

Synonyms – constitutional, inborn, indigenous, ingrained, innate, inherent

•Antonyms -accidental, acquired, extrinsic


Irate  गुस्से में

Synonyms –  furious, ireful, rabid, wrathful, fuming, incensed

•Antonyms -calm, cheerful, pleased,


Irk  गुस्सा दिलाना

Synonyms – annoy/bother, exasperate, nettle, rile, ruffle

•Antonyms -delight, gratify, placate


Ironic  व्यंग्यात्मक  

Synonyms – cynic, sardonic, wry, acrid, caustic, derisive

•Antonyms -considerate, deferential; flattering


Isolate  अलग कर देना

Synonyms –  seclude, segregate, insulate, separate, detach, remove

•Antonyms : integrate, incorporate, mingle


Itinerant  चलता फिरता

Synonyms- nomadic, vagabond, vagrant, migratory, migrant, wanderer

•Antonyms:  permanent, settled, resident


Idiosyncrasy  पागलपन

Synonyms – eccentricity, peculiarity, quirk, abnormality, freakishness

•Antonyms -normality, standard, regularity


Illusory  मायावी

Synonyms – fallacious, unreal, dreamlike, misleading, delusive, hallucinatory

•Antonyms -real, certain, definite


Imbibe  सोख लेना

Synonyms – sip, guzzle, consume, absorb, assimilate, digest

•Antonyms -abstain, ignore, evade


Imminent  अभी होने वाला

Synonyms – impending, momentary, proximate, forthcoming, expectant, approaching

•Antonyms -distant, doubtful, later


Immune  प्रतिरक्षित

Synonyms – impervious, insusceptible, resistant, exempt, clear, safe

•Antonyms -unguarded, vulnerable, susceptible


Impart  बतलाना

Synonyms – carry, communicate, convey, disclose, transmit, tell

•Antonyms -conceal, hide/ withhold


Impassioned  जोशीला

Synonyms – ardent, blazing, fervent, glowing, passionate, scorching

•Antonyms -frigid, uncaring, indifferent


Impel  धकेलना

Synonyms – galvanize, spur, mobilize, propel, actuate, drive

•Antonyms -dissuade, repress, suppress


Implicate  फंसाना

Synonyms – embroil, involve, incriminate, inculpate, entangle, mire

•Antonyms -defend, pardon, release


Implicit  विश्वास योग्य

Synonyms – inferred, tacit,’unsaid, unfaltering, absolute, wholehearted

•Antonyms -specific, explicit, restricted


Impoverish  गरीब करना

Synonyms – bankrupt, bust, pauperize, ruin, deplete, exhaust

•Antonyms -enrich, stabilize, strengthen


Impudence  साहस

Synonyms – audacity, boldness, effrontery, pertness, insolence, pushiness

•Antonyms -shyness, uncertainty, modesty


Inadvertent  असावधान , बेपरवाह

Synonyms – unintentional, unplanned, meant, accidental, contingent, fortuitous

•Antonyms -deliberate, intentional, attentive


Inanimate  प्राणहीन

Synonyms – dead, insensate, defunct, extinct, inert, lifeless

•Antonyms -living, functioning, operative


Inbred  स्वाभाविक

Synonyms – native, natural, congenital, constitutional, elemental, innate

•Antonyms -extra, additional, foreign


Incisive  तीखा

Synonyms – acute, keen, penetrating, sharp, probing, trenchant

•Antonyms -stupid, dull, blunt


Incredulous  अविश्वासी

Synonyms – disbelieving, questioning, skeptical, dubious, hesitant, suspicious

•Antonyms -convinced, credulous, believing


 Indefatigable  जो थके नही

Synonyms – tireless, unfailing, untiring, weariless, inexhaustible

•Antonyms -tired, weary, fatigued


Indict अपराध लगाना

Synonyms – accuse,, charge, denounce, incriminate, tax

•Antonyms -absolve, acquit, exonerate


Indignation  नाराज़गी

Synonyms – anger, ire, exasperation, fury, pique, rage

•Antonyms -glee, comfort, happiness


Indeterminate अनिश्चित

Synonyms – ambiguous, dubious, clouded, indecisive, equivocal, indefinite

•Antonyms -definite, measurable, determined


Indolent  आलसी

Synonyms – lazy, slothful, sluggish, inert, sluggard, lethargic

•Antonyms -diligent, energetic, intent


Inept  अयोग्य

Synonyms – incongruous, infelicitous, incompetent, maladroit, lumpish, clumsy

•Antonyms -adroit, dexterous,; competent


Infringe  तोड़ना

Synonyms – breach, break, contravene, transgress, violate, encroach

•Antonyms -comply, obey, observe


Ingenuous  सीधा सादा

Synonyms – guileless, naive, candid, downright, unsophisticated, forthright

•Antonyms –deceitful, sly, dishonest


Inimical  प्रतिकूल

Synonyms – hostile, unfriendly, adverse; noxious, pernicious, repugnant

•Antonyms -friendly, hospitable; kind


Iniquity  अधर्म , अन्याय

Synonyms – wickedness, unjustness, diablerie, immorality, misdeed, offence

•Antonyms: virtue, goodness


Innate  जन्मजात

Synonyms – hereditary, inborn, congenital, intrinsic, elemental, ingrained

•Antonyms -extrinsic, acquired


Innocuous  हानि रहित

Synonyms – harmless, inoffensive, insipid, jejune, vapid, washy

•Antonyms -destructive, injurious, harmful


Inordinate  अत्यधिक

Synonyms – excessive, exorbitant, extravagant, overmuch, undue, immoderate

•Antonyms -moderate, reasonable, warranted


Insatiate  लालची

Synonyms – avaricious, avid, covetous, craving, hoggish, desirous

•Antonyms -abstemious, benevolent, generous


Insidious  धोखेबाज

Synonyms – astute, crafty, crooked; cunning, deceitful, adroit

•Antonyms -fair, sincere, open


Insinuate  चालाकी भरा संकेत करना

Synonyms -imply, intimate, suggest, foist, infiltrate, edge

•Antonyms -conceal, withhold, hide


Insipid  बेस्वाद

Synonyms – bland, savory, innocuous, vapid, jejune, watery

•Antonyms -exciting, exhilarating, pleasing


Insolent  बदतमीज़

Synonyms – haughty, overbearing, supercilious, brazen, presumptuous

•Antonyms -modest, servile, humble


Insurgent  राजद्रोही

Synonyms – rebellious, mutinous, riotous, seditious, anarchical

•Antonyms -obedient, subordinate, compliant


Intangible  अस्पृश्य

Synonyms – impalpable, imperceptible, invisible, unnoticeable, indiscernible, insensible

•Antonyms -palpable, perceptible, tangible


Intrepid साहसी

Synonyms – audacious, dauntless, gallant, mettlesome, plucky, valiant

•Antonyms -meek, timid, cowardly


Irrelevant  असंगत

Synonyms – extraneous, immaterial, impertinent, inapplicable

•Antonyms -appropriate, relevant, pertinent


Irresolute  अनिश्चित

Synonyms – halting, hesitant, indecisive, pendulous, tentative, timid

•Antonyms -definite, unyielding, obstinate



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