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Coding Decoding : Reasoning (Eng & Hindi) | SSC CGL CHSL (Tier – 1)

Coding Decoding : Reasoning (Eng & Hindi) | SSC CGL CHSL (Tier – 1)

Coding Decoding : Reasoning (Eng & Hindi) | SSC CGL CHSL (Tier – 1)

Q1. If GOLD is written as IQNF, how WIND can be written in the code?

यदि GOLD को IQNF लिखा जाता है तो WIND को क्या लिखा जाएगा

(a) YKPF

(b) VHMC

(c) XJOE

(d) DNIW

Q2. If A = 1, PAT = 37, then TAP = ?

यदि A = 1, PAT = 37, तो TAP = ?





 Q3. If D = 4, BAD = 7, then what is the value of ANT = ?

यदि D = 4 , BAD = 7, तो ANT का मान बताओ

(a) 8

(b) 17

(c) 35

(d) 37

 Q4. If HKUJ means FISH, what does UVCD mean?

यदि HKUJ का मतलब FISH है, तो UVCD का मान बताओ

(a) STAR

(b) STAB

(c) STAL

(d) STAK

 Q5. If CONSCIOUSLY is written as PEBNPJEXNKM, then SOIL is written as:

यदि CONSCIOUSLY को PEBNPJEXNKM लिखा जाए, तो SOIL को क्या लिखा जाएगा


(b) NEJK


(d) ENJK

 Q6. If C = 3 and FEAR is coded as 30, then what will be the code number for HAIR?

यदि C = 3 तथा FEAR को 30 लिखा जाता है, तो HAIR को क्या लिखा जाएगा





 Q7. If Z = 26, NET = 39, then NUT =?

यदि Z = 26 , NET = 39 , तब NUT = ?



(c) 55

(d) 56

 Q8. If F = 6, MAT = 34, then how much is CAR?

यदि F = 6, MAT = 34, तब CAR का क्या मान होगा





 Q9. If NOIDA is written as STNIF : how MEERUT can be written in that code?

यदि NOIDA को STNIF लिखा जाता है तब MEERUT को क्या लिखा जाएगा





 Q10. In a certain code FORGET is written as DPPHCU, how would DOCTOR be written in that code?

यदि FORGET को DPPHCU लिखा जाता है तब DOCTOR को क्या लिखा जाएगा





 Q11. In a certain code DECEMBER is written as ERMBCEDE, in that code which word will be written as ERMBVENO?

यदि DECEMBER को ERMBCEDE लिखा जाता है तब ERMBVENO को क्या लिखा जाएगा





 Q12. If RED is coded as 6720, then how GREEN would be coded?

यदि RED को 6720 लिखा जाता है तब GREEN को क्या लिखा जाएगा

(a) 9207716


(c) 1677209

(d) 16717209

 Q13. If ROSE is written as TQUG, how BISCUIT can be written in that code?

यदि ROSE को TQUG लिखा जाता है तब BISCUIT को क्या लिखा जाएगा





 Q14. If the word MENTAL is written as LNDFM-OSUZBKM, then how would the word TEST be written in that code?

यदि MENTAL को LADFM-QSUZBKM लिखा जाता है तब TEST को क्या लिखा जाएगा





 Q15. If TYPEWRITER is written as GBKVDIRGVI, how STENG can be written in that code?

यदि TYPEWRITER को GBKVDIRGVI लिखा जाता है तब STENG को क्या लिखा जाएगा





coding decoding
Q16. If KASHMIR is written, as 8142753, how RIMSHAK can be written in that code?

यदि KASHMIR को 8142753 लिखा जाता है तब RIMSHAK को क्या लिखा जाएगा





 Q17. If ‘A’ = 26, SUN = 27, then CAT =?

यदि ‘A’ = 26, SUN = 27, तब CAT = ?





 Q18. If in a code language “ORGANISATION” is written as “CBDWLQJWYQCL” and “OPERATION” is written as “OXFBWYQCL”, how is “SEPARATION” coded?

यदि किसी भाषा में “ORGANISATION” को “CBDWLQJWYQCL” तथा “OPERATION” को “OXFBWYQCL” लिखा जाता है तब “SEPARATION” को क्या लिखा जाएगा





 Q19. If A = 2, M = 26 and Z = 52, then BET =?

यदि A = 2, M = 26 तथा Z = 52, तब BET = ?





 Q20. In a particular way of coding, the word CENTRAL is coded as ABCDEFG and PLAN-ETARIUM as HGFCB-DFEIJK. With the same coding how can we express the word- LANTERN?

यदि किसी भाषा में CENTRAL को ABCDEFG तथा PLAN-ETARIUM को HGFCB-DFEIJK लिखा जाता है तब LANTERN को क्या लिखा जाएगा





 Q21. In a certain code language BLOOD is written as EIRLG, How will the word PERIOD be written in that code language ?

यदि किसी भाषा में BLOOD को EIRLG लिखा जाता है तब PERIOD को क्या लिखा जाएगा





 Q22. In a certain code language INCORPORATE is written as HCGJSUSXHO and PELMET is written as LOFDOH. How will the word MOLTEN be written in that code language?

यदि किसी भाषा में INCORPORATE को HCGJSUSXHO तथा PELMET को LOFDOH लिखा जाता है तब MOLTEN को क्या लिखा जाएगा





 Q23. If A = 1, FAT = 27, then FAITH = ?

यदि A = 1, FAT = 27, तब FAITH = ?

(a) 44

(b) 42



 Q24. If ‘PAPER’ is written as ‘OZODQ’, how ‘PENCIL’ can be written in that code?

यदि ‘PAPER’ को ‘OZODQ’ लिखा जाता है तब ‘PENCIL’ को क्या लिखा जाएगा





 Q25. In a coding system PEN is written as NZO and BARK as CTSL. How can we write PRANK in that coding system?

यदि किसी भाषा में PEN को NZO तथा BARK को CTSL लिखा जाता है तब PRANK को क्या लिखा जाएगा





 Q26. If BROTHER is coded as 2456784. SISTER is coded as 919684, what is the code for ROBBERS?

यदि BROTHERE को 2456784 तथा SISTER को 919684 लिखा जाता है तब ROBBERS को क्या लिखा जाएगा

(a) 18, 15, 22, 5, 18, 19

(b) 4562 684

(c) 9245 784

(d) 4522849

 Q27. If MIND becomes KGLB and ARGUE becomes YPESC then what will DIAGRAM be in that code ?

यदि MIND को KGLB तथा ARGUE को YPESC लिखा जाता है तब DIAGRAM को क्या लिखा जाएगा





 Q28. If GLARE is coded as 67810 and MONSOON as 2395339 then how can RANSOM be coded?

यदि GLARE को 67810 तथा MONSOON को 2395339 लिखा जाता है तब RANSOM को क्या लिखा जाएगा

(a) 183952

(b) 198532

(c) 189352

(d) 189532

 Q29. If E = 5, PEN=35, then PAGE = ?

यदि E = 5, PEN = 35, तब PAGE = ?

(a) 28

(b) 29

(c) 36

(d) 27

 Q30. If the word ‘PORTER’ can be coded as‘MBNZQN’ how can ‘REPORT’ be written?

यदि ‘PORTER’ को ‘MBNZQN’ लिखा जाता है तब ‘REPORT’ को क्या लिखा जाएगा





 Q31. In a certain code, the words ‘COME AT ONCE’ were written as XLNVZGLMXV. In the same code which of the following would be ‘OK’?

यदि ‘COME AT ONCE’ को ‘XLNVZGLMXV’ लिखा जाता है तब ‘OK’ को क्या लिखा जाएगा

(a) LM

(b) LP

(c) KM

(d) KL

 Q32. In a certain language, BUTTER is coded as CVUUFS, BREAD is coded as CSFBE, then how COFFEE is coded?

यदि किसी भाषा में BUTTER को CVUUFS तथा BREAD को CSFBE लिखा जाता है तब COFFEE को क्या लिखा जाएगा





 Q33. If CLOUD can be coded as 59432 and RAIN as 1678, how can AROUND be coded?

यदि CLOUD को 59432 तथा RAIN को 1678 लिखा जाता है तब AROUND को क्या लिखा जाएगा

(a) 614832

(b) 614382

(c) 641382


 Q34. If STUDENT is coded as RUTEDOS, which word would be coded as RDGRPKBQ?

यदि STUDENT को RUTEDOS लिखा जाता है तब RDGRPKBQ को क्या लिखा जाएगा





 Q35. If GARDEN is coded as 325764 and WATER as 92165, how can we code the word WARDEN in the same way?

यदि GARDEN को 325764 तथा WATER को 92165 लिखा जाता है तब WARDEN को क्या लिखा जाएगा

(a) 925764

(b) 295764

(c) 952764

(d) 957264

 Q36. If E = 5, RED = 27, then DANCE = ?

यदि E = 5, RED = 27, तब DANCE = ?





coding decoding
 Q37. If the word ‘EARTH’ be written as ‘QPMZS’ in coded words, how can ‘HEART’ be written following the same coding ?

यदि ‘EARTH’ को ‘QPMZS’ लिखा जाता है तब ‘HEART’ को क्या लिखा जाएगा





 Q38. If ‘BE QUICK’ is coded as ‘ZCOSGAI, then the code of last letter of third word in the sentence ‘I LOVE MY COUNTRY’ is.?

यदि ‘BE QUICK’ को ‘ZCOSGAI’ लिखा जाता है तब तीसरे अक्षर के आखरी शब्द का कोड क्या होगा

(a) W

(b) U

(c) T

(d) A

 Q39. If DEAR is written as OMKN and LEAK is written as XMKY then how LEADER can be written in that code?

यदि DEAR को OMKN तथा LEAK को XMKY लिखा जाता है तब LEADER को क्या लिखा जाएगा





 Q40. If MATHEMATICS = 12345123678. then MAHATHMA = ?

यदि MATHEMATICS = 12345123678. तब MAHATHMA = ?

(a) 12423412

(b) 12345123

(c) 12345678

(d) 12425341

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