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CGL One word substitution related to people

CGL One word substitution related to people

CGL One word substitution related to people

Pertaining to Characteristics and Actions of People.

  1. One who devotes his life to the welfare of others Altruist
  2. One who can use both his hands Ambidextrous
  3. One who collects things of ancient times Antiquary
  4. One who engages in something for
  5. the love of it, not for gains Amateur
  6. One who has special skill in judging art, music, etc. Connoisseur
  7. Living at the same time Contemporary
  8. One who sneers at others Cynic
  9. One who delights to speak about himself Egotist
  10. One who exalts his own opinion Egoist
  11. One who is banished from his home or country Exile
  12. One who runs away from justice or the law Fugitive
  13. One who dies for a noble cause Martyr
  14. A hater of mankind Misanthrope
  15. One who is new to anything Novice
  16. One who looks on the bright side of things Optimistic
  17. One who looks on the dark side of things Pessimist
  18. One who devotes one’s life for the mankind Philanthropist
  19. One who loves one’s country Patriot
  20. One who foretells events Prophet
  21. One who retires from society to live a solitary life Recluse
  22. One who takes refuge in a foreign country Refugee
  23. One who walks in sleep Somnambulist
  24. One who spends too much Spendthrift
  25. One who is indifferent to pain or pleasure Stoic
  26. One who abstains from alcoholic drinks Teetotaler
  27. A person who has a balance of extrovert and introvert features in their personality  Ambivert
  28. A person who avoids meeting people Introvert
  29. An outgoing socially confident person Extrovert
  30. A person who drinks too much Alcoholic
  31. One who leads a socially unconventional life Bohemian


CGL One word substitution
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