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Biology Quiz 1 /100 : SSC CGL, CPO exams Pinnacle Coaching

Biology Quiz 1 /100 : SSC CGL, CPO exams

Biology Quiz 1 /100 : SSC CGL, CPO exams

Biology Quiz 1 /100

Bold option is the correct answer

Q1. In the human body, fats are stored in the

(a) Epidermis                     (b) Adipose tissue          (c) Liver                                (d) Epithelium

Q2. Blood does not clot in the blood vessels due to the presence of

(a) Thrombin                     (b) Fibrinogen                   (c) Heparin                          (d) Prothrombin

Q3. The DPT vaccine is given to young babies to protect them from

(a) Diphtheria, polio and tetanus              (b) diphtheria, pneumonia and tuberculosis

(c) Diphtheria, smallpox and tetanus       (d) diphtheria, whooping cough and tetanus

Q4. Hemophilia is

(a) an organic disorder   (b) a metabolic disorder                (c) a genetic disorder     (d) a hormonal disorder

Q5. The blood vessel supplying blood to the kidney is

(a) the renal artery         (b) the hepatic artery     (c) the pulmonary artery (d) the carotid artery

Q6. The organ which stores carbohydrates as glycogen in the human body is

(a) Intestine                       (b) Stomach                      (c) Pancreas                       (d) Liver

Biology Quiz 1
Q7. Hemoglobin is an important constituent of

(a) Red blood cells          (b) White blood cells      (c) Platelets                        (d) Plasma

Q8. Blood pressure is the pressure exerted by blood on the walls of

(a) Heart                              (b) Veins                             (c) Arteries                         (d) Capillaries

Q9. Which one of the Endocrine glands is known as master gland?

(a) Pituitary                        (b) Adrenal                        (c) Thyroid                          (d) Parathyroid

Q10. Bile is produced by the

(a) Liver                               (b) Stomach                      (c) Pancreas                       (d) Duodenum

Q11. Which part of the nervous system controls the activities of internal organs?

(a) Spinal cord                   (b) Cerebrum                    (c) Cerebellum                  (d) Medulla Oblongata

Q12. When the Left Ventricle in the human heart contracts, the blood moves to the

(a) Brain                               (b) Pulmonary Artery     (c) Aorta                              (d) Lungs

Q13. Which one of the following is a condition of delayed blood clotting?

(a) Heaemorrhage           (b) Hematuria                    (c) Haemophilia                               (d) Anaemia

Q14. Housefly spreads

(a) Common cold             (b) Malaria                          (c) Flu                                    (d) Typhoid

Q15. ‘Lockjaw’ is the last phase of which of the following diseases?

(a) Diptheria                       (b) Pneumonia                  (c) Syphilis                           (d) Tetanus

Q16. Reflex actions are controlled by

(a) the Brain                       (b) the Spinal Chord       (c) the Nerves                   (d) the Cells

Q17. The floral part that receives pollen-grains during pollination is

(a) ovary                              (b) style                                               (c) stigma                            (d) ovules

Q18. Which of these is a micronutrient for plants?

(a) Carbon                           (b) Oxygen                         (c) Nitrogen                        (d) Boron

Q19. The following sugar gives energy most readily

(a) Lactose                          (b) Cellulose                       (c) Maltose                         (d) Glucose

Q20. A plant which reproduces by means of spores

(a) Mustard                        (b) Coriander                    (c) Ferns                              (d) Petunia

Biology Quiz 1
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