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Chemistry-day-10 atom’s-structure-questions Target ssc cgl 2018

Chemistry-day-10 atom’s-structure-questions Target ssc cgl 2018

Q1. The isotope used for the production of atomic energy is





Q2. What is the electronic configuration of sodium?





Q3. Electron was discovered by?

(a)J.J. Thomson

(b)Neils Bohr

(c)James Chadwick

(d)E. Goldstein

Q4. Electronic configuration of a chloride ion is





Q5. The first model of atom was given by..

(a)J.J. Thomson

(b)Neils Bohr

(c)James Chadwick

(d)E. Goldstein

Q6. Which of the following is discovered by Rutherford’s alpha particles scattering experiment.





Q7. The fundamental particles present in the nucleus of an atom are

(a)Electron, proton

(b)Proton, neutron

(c)Neutron, electron

(d)Neutron, positron

Q8. Number of valence electrons in graphite are





Q9. Electrovalency is not exhibited by..





Q10. Elements with ‘one valency’ are..

(a)always metals

(b)always non-metals

(c)either metals or non-metals

(d)always metalloids



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