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Antonyms Synonyms Useful for SSC CGL

Antonyms Synonyms Useful for SSC CGL 

Antonyms Synonyms Useful for SSC CGL / CHSL by Pinnacle

Yield  पैदाकरना

syn- produce, earn, abandon, relinquish, forgo, concede

  • Antonyms -withhold, hold, keep


Zealot  अतिउत्साही

Synonyms – enthusiastic,- sectary, votary, fanatic, maniac, radical

  • Antonyms -apathetic, doubting, opponent


Zest  दिलचस्पी

Synonyms – flavour, relish, savour, gusto, smack, tang

  • Antonyms -blandness, dullness, listlessness


Zenith  सर्वोच्चशिखर

Synonyms – acme, apogee, crest, culmination, pinnacle, summit

  • Antonyms -bottom, nadir, base


Zeal  जोश

Synonyms – ardour, enthusiasm, fervor, passion, intentness, alacrity

  • Antonyms -apathy, indifference, lethargy


Zigzag  घुमावदार , टेढ़ा

Synonyms – crinkled, crooked, fluctuating, inclined, meandering, transverse

  • Antonyms -straight, linear, plain

Antonyms Synonyms

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