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Animal Reproduction mcqs Biology (Day-7) Target ssc cgl 2018

Animal reproduction mcqs Biology (Day-7) Target ssc cgl 2018

Animal reproduction mcqs Biology:

Q1. Birds usually have a single

  1. Kidney
  2. Lung
  3. Testis
  4. Ovary

Q2. Excretory products of mammalian embryo are eliminated out by

  1. Placenta..
  2. Amniotic fluid
  3. Allantois
  4. Ureter

Q3. Zygote is

  1. Haploid
  2. Diploid
  3. Triploid
  4. Tetraploid

Q4. Chromosome is

  1. DNA and protein
  2. DNA only
  3. DNA, RNA and proteins
  4. DNA and RNA

Q5. A test tube baby means:

  1.  a baby grown in a test tube
  2. embryo fertilized in uterus and developed in test tube
  3. embryo fertilized and developed in uterus
  4. fertilization in vitro and then transplantation in the uterus

Animal reproduction mcqs
Q6. The sex of the off-spring is determined when

  1. The sperm fertilises the ovum
  2. The conception takes place
  3. The embryo is partially developed
  4. The end of gestation period is near

Q7. DNA is

  1. Acetic acid
  2. Citric acid
  3. A class of nucleic acids
  4. An enzyme

Q8. The duration 19-21daysrefers to:

  1. incubation period of hen’s egg
  2. average life-span of a red blood cell in humans
  3. the period of menstrual cycle soon after menstruation during which fertilisation is most likely to occur
  4. period of completion of one schizogony cycle of malarial parasite inside a red blood cell

Q9. The structural changes between mammalian uterus during reproducing cycle are primarily caused by

  1. The progesterone
  2. The testosterone
  3. The oxytocin
  4. None of these

Q10. Which organ is the alternate term for womb?

  1. Uterus
  2. Ureter
  3. Vagina
  4. Vulva


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