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Adolescence-mcqs Biology-day-8 Target-ssc-cgl-2018

Adolescence-mcqs Biology-day-8 Target-ssc-cgl-2018

Adolescence-mcqs Biology-day-8 Target-ssc-cgl-2018

Q1. Which of the following hormones is released in excess quantity during excitement?

  1. Cortisone
  2. Serotonin
  3. Adrenaline
  4. Oestrogen

Q2. Removal of testis is

  1. Castration
  2. Vasectomy
  3. Ovotomy
  4. Testotomy

Q3. Which chromosomal combination is responsible for maleness in man?

  1. XO
  2. XXX
  3. XX
  4. XY

Q4. Which of the following features must be possessed by an animal for being classed as a mammal ?

  1. Sexual reproduction
  2. Mammary gland
  3. Heart with four chambers
  4. Lungs

Q5. Which amongst the following is largest endocrine gland in the body?

  1. Thyroid
  2. Parathyroid
  3. Adrena
  4. Pituitary

Q6. Which one of the following glands is responsible for secretion of sex hormones?

  1. Adrenal gland
  2. Thyroid gland
  3. Pituitary gland
  4. Sebaceous gland

Q7. Which of the following does not occur as a pair in human body?

  1. Adrenal
  2. Pituitary
  3. Testis
  4. Ovary

Q8. Which of the following hormones prepare our body in for action in emergency situations?

  1. Thyroxine
  2. Adrenaline
  3. Insulin
  4. None of the above

Q9. Which one of the following is a female sex hormone?

  1. Estrogen
  2. Androgen
  3. Oxytocin
  4. Insulin

Q10. Pimple and acne are formed due to increased activity of?

  1. Adrenal glands and Sabaceous glands
  2. Adrenal glands and Thyroid glands
  3. Sweat glands and Sabaceous glands..
  4. Adrenal glands and Sweat glands


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