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SSC CGL Tier 4 CPT exam experience by Ravi Ranjan

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SSC CGL Tier 4 CPT exam experience by Ravi Ranjan

I appeared in the CPT exam of SSC CGL 2018 on 18th December 2020. For the first time I was giving the CPT exam. I was well prepared for this exam. In spite of knowing  it is quite an easy exam and less than 1% students fail in this exam I felt a little nervous. Then I came to know that if you are serious for any exam whether the exam is difficult or easy, you feel nervous and it is very normal unless this nervousness changes into fear.

One day before the exam I was ready with my documents. I took a long walk after dinner to tire myself so that I would take sound sleep. At 10 PM I went to bed and after a few minutes I slept. I woke up around 6 AM. I was feeling fresh after a good sleep. I was singing any line of any song to calm myself. Whenever there is any thought about the exam I think of my positive side only and  saying to myself that I had prepared well and I would do excellent in the exam. At 8 AM I had my breakfast and at 8:30 I left for the exam center. As it was 44KM away from my room, it took me two and a half hours to reach the center. At 11 AM I reached there. After half an hour I entered the exam centre.

They did proper checking and allotted me a seat. They provided me with an instruction copy in which the procedure of the exam was written. At 12:45 a mock test started for 10 minutes to check whether the keyboard is working properly or not. After the mock test was over there was time of 3 minutes to change default keyboard. After that, the real exam has started . I was typing with good speed but at the mid time I noticed the shift button of my keyboard stopped working. Then I started using Caps Lock button for typing Capital alphabets. It decreases my typing speed. At the end when there were 11 characters left to be typed, the space button stopped working that means my space for typing is full.

At that time I had two minutes left in the exam and I started revising my passage. When I revised almost 40% of the passage, 15 minutes were over. Next exam was making a slide in powerpoint. They gave us a question paper for the PPT exam 3 minutes before the exam to read the instructions. Then the PPT exam started, At first I typed the content of the slide then I did formatting as given in the question paper. After a break of 10 minutes, they gave excel question paper to read instruction, then the excel exam started. It was complete in 15 minutes. After that, they took  the printout of our powerpoint slide and excel sheet and we were instructed to write our name, roll number, date of exam, shift of exam and seat number on printout copy. Then the exam was over.