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Percentage : SSC CGL Math Project 400 Questions

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Percentage : SSC CGL Math Project 400 Questions

Percentage : SSC CGL Math Project 400 Questions


About Project 400 Questions. 

I will post 400 MCQ on Maths for SSC-CGL. These 400 questions are unique. These are variety questions. I will call these questions as “Project 400 Questions”. These questions are developed on the basis of research. If any SSC CGL aspirant
become proficient in these 400 questions I am sure he will score always 40+ score in maths  in tier 1 and 180+ in tier 2. Keep in mind along with these representative questions a lot of practice is required.

About Pecentage

I am posting 20 varieties questions on “Percentage” .  This is an easy chapter. Generally 1-2  questions can be asked in Tier 1 and 4-6 in Tier 2.

Percentage Questions:

Q1. A person who who spends 200/3% of his income is able to save Rs 1200 per month. His monthly expenses ( in Rs) is

a) 1200     b) 2400     c) 3000     d) 3200
Q2. If 80% of A = 50% of B and B = X% of A, then the value of X is:
a) 400     b) 300     c) 160     d) 150
Q3. If x is 80% of y, what percent of x is y?
a) 75%     b) 80%     c) 100%     d) 125%
Q4. In a town, the population was 8000. In one year, male population increased by 10% and female population increased by 8% but the total population increased by 9%. The number of males in the town was:
a) 4000     b) 4500     c) 5000     d) 6000
Q5. In an examination, there were 1000 boys and 800 girls. 60% of the boys and 50% of the girls passed. Find the percentage of the candidates failed?
a) 46.4     b) 48.4     c) 44.4     d) 49.6
Q6. If A exceeds B by 40%, B is less than C by 20%, then A: C is:
a) 28:25     b) 26:25     c) 3:2     d) 3:1
Q7. Price of sugar rises by 20%. By how much percentage should the consumption of sugar be reduced so that the expenditure does not change?
a) 20     b) 10     c) 50/3      d) 15
Q8. In an examination, a student who gets 20% of the maximum marks fails by 5 marks. Another student who scores 30% of the maximum marks get 20 marks more. The necessary percentage required for passing is:
a) 32%     b) 23%     c) 22%     d)20%
Q9. In an examination 60% of the students pass in English, 70% pass in Hindi and 40% pass in both. What percent of students fails in both English and Hindi?
a) 10     b) 20     c) 25     d) 30
Q10. Out of her total income, Neelam spends 20% on house rent and 70% of the rest on household expenditure. If she saves Rs 3600, what is her total income?
a) Rs 15000     b) Rs 10500     c) Rs 10050     d) Rs 10000
Q11. Salary of a person is first increased by 20%, then it is decreased by 20%. Change in the salary is:
a) 4%  decreased     b) 4% increased     c) 8% decreased     d) 20% increased
Q12. If 50% of (x-y) = 30% of (x+y), then what percent of x is y?
a) 25%     b) 100/3%     c) 40%     d) 400%
Q13. If the income of Ram is 12.5% more than that of Shyam, the income of Shyam is less than that of Ram by
a) 100/9%     b) 27/2%     c) 175/2%     d) 88%
Q14. In an examination 70% of the candidates passed in English. 80% passed in Mathematics. 10% failed in both the subjects. If 144 candidates passed in both, the total number of candidates was
a) 125     b) 200     c) 240     d) 375
Q15. 8% of the votes in an election did not cast their votes. In this election, there were only two candidates. The winner by obtaining 48% of the total votes defeated his contestant by 1100 votes. The total number of voters in the election was:
a) 21000     b) 23500     c) 22000     d) 27500
Q16. In an election between two candidates, 75% of the voters cast their votes, out of which 2% votes were declared invalid. A candidate got 9261 votes which were 75% of the valid votes. The total number of voters enrolled in that election was
a) 16000     b) 16400     c) 16800     d) 18000
Q17. A sample of 50 liters of glycerine is found to be adulterated to the extent of 20%. How much pure glycerine should be added to it so as to bring down the percentage of impurity to 5%?
a) 155 liters   b) 150 liters   c) 152 liters    d) 149 liters
Q18. The price of sugar is reduced by 20%. Now a person can buy 500 g more sugar for Rs 36. The original price of the sugar per kilogram was
a) Rs 14.40     b) Rs 18     c) Rs 15.60     d) Rs 16.50
Q19. A man invests a part of Rs 10,000 at 5% and the remainder at 6%. The 5% investment yields annually Rs 76.50 more than the 6% investment. The amount invested at 6% is
a) Rs 3600     b) Rs 3550     c) Rs 3850     d) Rs 4000
Q20. The cost of an apple is twice that of a banana and the cost of a banana is 25% less than that of guava. if the cost of each type of fruit increases by 10%, then the percentage increase in the cost of 4 bananas, 2 apples and 3 guavas is
a) 10%     b) 12%     c) 16%     d) 18%

Percentage SSC CGL Math Project 400 Questions: Answer Key
2. c
3. c
4. a
5. c
6. c
7. c
8. c
9. a
10. a
11. a
12. a
13. a
14. c
15. d
16. c
17. b
18. b
19. c
20. a