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One word substitution test with answers

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One word substitution test with answers

One word substitution test with answers

Q1. The place where public, government or historical records are kept

(A) Coffer

(B) Pantry

(C) Archives

(D) Scullery

Q2. List of issues to be discussed at a meeting

(A) schedule

(B) agenda

(C) time-table

(D) plan

Q3. A person who is fluent in two languages

(A) Versatile

(B) Expert

(C) Bilingual

(D) Knowledgeable

Q4. One who eats human flesh

(A) Maneater

(B) Cannibal

(C) Beast

(D) Savage

Q5. The quality of being politely firm and demanding

(A) assertive

(B) bossy

(C) aggressive

(D) lordy

Q6. To feel or express disapproval of something or someone

(A) declare

(B) deprive

(C) depreciate

(D) deprecate

Q7. Animals that can live on land and in water

(A) anthropoids

(B) aquatics

(C) amphibians

(D) Aquarians

Q8. To agree to something

(A) assure

(B) assent

(C) adapt

(D) adhere

Q9. A lover of books

(A) bibliomaniac

(B) bibliophile

(C) bibliographer

(D) bilingualism

Q10. To keep a great person or event in people's memory

(A) communicate

(B) commensurate

(C) commemorate

(D) commiserate

Q11. A person who is physically dependent on a substance

(A) Criminal

(B) Martyr

(C) Gladiator

(D) Addict

Q12. Failing to discharge one's duty

(A) Debacle

(B) Dereliction

(C) Determination

(D) Deterrent

Q13. Able to use the left hand and right hand equally well

(A) ambivert

(B) ambidextrous

(C) ambivalent

(D) ambitious

Q14. To confirm with the help of evidence

(A) corroborate

(B) implicate

(C) designate

(D) extricate

Q15. Capable of being interpreted in two ways

(A) confusing

(B) unclear

(C) ambiguous

(D) ambivert

Q16. Fit to be eaten

(A) legible

(B) credible

(C) audible

(D) edible

Q17. Always ready to attack or quarrel

(A) creative

(B) impatient

(C) aggressive

(D) malicious

Q18. Fluent and clear in speech

(A) emotional

(B) enthusiastic

(C) articulate

(D) confident

Q19. Spoken or done without preparation

(A) verbose

(B) extempore

(C) amateur

(D) verbation

Q20. One who gains benefit from something

(A) a benefactor

(B) a miser

(C) a hermit

(D) a beneficiary

Q21. A list of books available in a library

(A) Catalogue

(B) Bibliography

(C) Backlist

(D) Index

Q22. One who performs daring gymnastic feats

(A) Athlete

(B) Juggler

(C) Acrobat

(D) Conjuror

Q23. A person of good understanding knowledge and reasoning power

(A) Expert

(B) Intellectual

(C) Snob

(D) Literate

Q24. Leave or remove from a place considered dangerous

(A) Evade

(B) Evacuate

(C) Avoid

(D) Exterminate

Q25. One who is fond of fighting

(A) Bellicose

(B) Aggressive

(C) Belligerent

(D) Militant

Q26. A person not sure of the existence of god

(A) Cynic

(B) Agnostic

(C) Atheist

(D) Theist

Q27. A place that provides refuge

(A) Asylum

(B) Sanatorium

(C) Shelter

(D) Orphanage

Q28. A story in which ideas are symbolized as people

(A) Allegory

(B) Fable

(C) Legend

(D) Parable

Q29. That which is clearly understood

(A) ambiguous

(B) dexterity

(C) unambiguous

(D) monoism

Q30. Short lived or fleeting

(A) permanent

(B) ephemeral

(C) effeminate

(D) optimist

Q31. The gradual recovery of health and strength after disease

(A) destitute

(B) convalescence

(C) emeritus

(D) asylum

Q32. One who eats excessively

(A) glutton

(B) lean

(C) neologism

(D) omniscient

Q33. Underground place for storing wine or other provisions.

(A) Garage

(B) Cellar

(C) Attic

(D) Hall

Q34. Free somebody from blame or guilt

(A) excuse

(B) reprimand

(C) exonerate

(D) acquit

Q35. One who plays for pleasure rather than as a profession.

(A) player

( B) Amateur

(C) Performer

(D) Actor

Q36. That which can be drunk

(A) edible

( B) palatable

(C) Potable

(D) culpable

Q37. One who is neither intelligent nor dull

(A) ordinary

B) average

(C) fair

D) mediocre

Q38. Person leading a life of strict self discipline

(A) hedonist

(B) disciplinarian

(C) atheist

(D) ascetic

Q39. A person who loves everybody

(A) egoist

(B) fatalist

(C) humanist

(D) altruist

Q40. A small village or a group of houses.

(A) community

(B) settlement

(C) hamlet

(D) colony

Q41. Fear of being in closed, isolated places:

(A) Claustrophobia

(B) Depression

(C) Schizophrenia

(D) Neurosis

Q42. A roundabout way of expression:

(A) Wordiness

(B) Circumlocution

(C) Verbosity

(D) Euphemism

Q43. The theory that gods and goddesses have human form:

(A) Anthropomorphism

(B) Anthropology

(C) Avatars

(D) Incarnation

Q44. The science of sound

(A) Percussion

(B) Acoustics

(C) Sonography

(D) Sonology

Q45. One who can use both his left and right hands:

(A) Double-dealing

(B) Multitasker

(C) Disingenuous

(D) Ambidextrous

Q46. Loss of voice:

(A) Voicelessness

(B) Aphonia

(C) Freeze

(D) Phonology

Q47. Of unknown authorship:

(A) Incognito

(B) Pseudo

(C) Anonymous

(D) Unidentified

Q48. A hundred year old man:

(A) Century

(B) Centurion

(C) Cent

(D) Centenarian

Q49. Something resulting in death:

(A) Fatal

(B) Fateful

(C) Destructive

(D) Catastrophic

Q50. Counterfeiting a document:

(A) Fabrication

(B) Imitation

(C) Sham

(D) Forgery

Q51. Clues available at a scene

(A) circumstantial

(B) derivative

(C) inferential

(D) suggestive

Q52. The animals of a particular region.

(A) Flora

(B) Museum

(C) Zoo

(D) Fauna

Q53. The use of many words where only a few are necessary

(A) circumlocution

(B) circumspection

(C) circumscription

(D) circumvention

Q54. One who is a citizen not of a country but of the world





Q55. One who has become dependent on something or drugs is

(A) Adamant

(B) Edict

(C) Addict

(D) Derelict

Q56. A short poem or speech addressed to the spectators after the conclusion of a dram

(A) prologue

(B) dialogue

(C) epilogue

(D) monologue

Q57. Capable of being understood in either of two or more possible senses, and therefore not definite.

(A) amphibious

(B) ambiguous

(C) amorphous

(D) confusing

Q58. One who believes in offering equal opportunities to women in all spheres.

(A) male chauvinist

(B) feminist

(C) fatalist

(D) futurist

Q59. The art of good eating

(A) gastronomy

(B) astronomy

(C) vegetarianism

(D) gourmet

Q60. The study of the origin and history of words.

(A) Linguistics

(B) Etymology

(C) Verbose

(D) Anthology

Q61. A person who breaks into a house in order to steal—

(A) Poacher

(B) Bandit

(C) Intruder

(D) Burglar

Q62. The study of maps—

(A) Cartography

(B) Geography

(C) Geology

(D) Atlas

Q63. That which lasts for a short time.

(A) Regular

(B) Transitory

(C) Rotatory

(D) Repository

Q64. Ready to believe anything.

(A) Credible

(B) Incredible

(C) Credulous

(D) Incredulous

Q65. A four footed animal.

(A) Tetraped

(B) Quadruped

(C) Polyped

(D) Double-paired

Q66. One who secretly listens to the talk of others

(A) Spy

(B) Detective

(C) Emissary

(D) Eavesdropper

Q67. One who believes in no government and therefore incites disorder in a State

(A) Monarchist

(B) Anarchist

(C) Autocrat

(D) Naxalite

Q68. A mild or indirect expression substituted for an offensive or harsh one

(A) Euphemism

(B) Truism

(C) Favouritism

(D) Altruism

Q69. One who is greedy

(A) Voracious

(B) Avaricious

(C) Carnivorous

(D) Omnivorous

Q70. A place where government/ public records are kept

(A) Archive

(B) Museum

(C) Shelf

(D) Cellar

Q71. Dry weather with no rainfall

(A) Draught

(B) Draft

(C) Drought

(D) Desert

Q72. Irresistible craving for alcoholic drinks

(A) Megalomania

(B) Dipsomania

(C) Kleptomania

(D) Pyromania

Q73. A place where nuns live and work

(A) Church

(B) School

(C) Abode

(D) Convent

Q74. One who does not follow the usual rules of social life.

(A ) Bohemian

(B) Artisan

(C) Partisan

(D) Physician

Q75. A group of girls

(A) Bevy

(B) Covey

(C) Troupe

(D) Coterie

Q76. Causing or ending in death

(A) Fatal

(B) Deadly

(C) Serious

(D) Dangerous

Q77. One who loves books

(A) Scholar

(B) Bibliographer

(C) Teacher

(D) Bibliophile

Q78. One who has obstinate and narrow religious views

(A) Theosophist

(B) Bigot

(C) Philosopher

(D) Theologian

Q79. Motion of head, hands etc, as a mode of expression indicating attitude.

(A) Gesture

(B) Grin

(C) Gestation

(D) Grimace

Q80. Bitter and violent attack in words

(A) Diaspora

(B) Diacritics

(C) Diadem

(D) Diatribe

Q81. Treatment by means of exercise and massage.

(A) Chemotherapy

(B) Hydrotherapy

(C) Physiotherapy

(D) Psychotherapy

Q82. The abandonment of one's country or cause

(A) Defection

(B) Disloyalty

(C) Desertion

(D) Migration

Q83. A place where birds kept

(A) Aquarium

(B) Den

(C) Aviary

(D) Sanctuary

Q84. Of very bad morals; characterized by debasement or degeneration.

(A) Desultory

(B) Dilapidated

(C) Depraved

(D) Dilatory

Q85. To have a very high opinion of oneself

(A) exaggeration

(B) adulations

(C) abundance

(D) conceited

Q86. One who is given to pleasures of the flesh

(A) terrestrial

(B) epicurean

(C) celestial

(D) pedestrian

Q87. A tank where fish or water plants are kept

(A) Aquarium

(B) Sanatorium

(C) Nursery

(D) Aviary

Q88. A picture of a person or a thing drawn in such a highly exaggerated manner as to cause laughter

(A) Cartoon

(B) Cacography

(C) Cartography

(D) Caricature

Q89. The state of being miserable bereft of all possessions

(A) Dependent

(B) Complacent

(C) Destitute

(D) Omnipresent

Q90. To run away with a lover

(A) deceive

(B) cheat

(C) escape

(D) elope

Q91. Science of heredity

(A) hereditary

(B) genetics

(C) genesis

(D) inheritance

Q92. Arrangement in order of occurrence

(A) timely

(B) chronological

(C) chronic

(D) temporal

Q93. Instrument to measure atmospheric pressure

(A) metronome

(B) compass

(C) pedometer

(D) barometer

Q94. To renounce a high position of authority or control

(A) Abduct

(B) Abandon

(C) Abort

(D) Abdicate

Q95. Feeling inside you which tells you what is right and what is wrong

(A) cleverness

(B) conscience

(C) consciousness

(D) fear

Q96. Loss of memory

(A) Ambrosia

(B) Amnesia

(C) Insomnia

(D) Forgetting

Q97. To struggle helplessly

(A) Flounder

(B) Founder

(C) Fumble

(D) Finger

Q98. A person who writes decoratively

(A) Calligrapher

(B) Collier

(C) Choreographer

(D) Cartographer

Q99. To look at someone in an angry or threatening way

(A) Glower

(B) Gnaw

(C) Gnash

(D) Grind

Q100. Words uttered impiously about God

(A) amoral

(B) philosophy

(C) logic

(D) blasphemy

One word substitution test with answers:

1 C 26 B 51 A 76 A
2 B 27 A 52 D 77 B
3 C 28 A 53 A 78 B
4 B 29 C 54 B 79 A
5 A 30 B 55 C 80 D
6 D 31 B 56 C 81 C
7 C 32 A 57 B 82 C
8 B 33 B 58 B 83 C
9 B 34 C 59 A 84 C
10 C 35 B 60 B 85 B
11 D 36 D 61 D 86 B
12 B 37 D 62 A 87 A
13 B 38 D 63 B 88 D
14 A 39 D 64 B 89 C
15 C 40 C 65 B 90 D
16 D 41 A 66 D 91 B
17 C 42 B 67 B 92 B
18 C 43 A 68 A 93 D
19 B 44 B 69 D 94 D
20 D 45 D 70 A 95 B
21 B 46 B 71 C 96 B
22 C 47 C 72 B 97 C
23 B 48 D 73 D 98 A
24 B 49 A 74 A 99 A
25 A 50 D 75 A 100 D

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