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Most Expected essay topics for SSC CHSL tier 2

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Most Expected essay topics for SSC CHSL tier 2

Candidates who are preparing for SSC CHSL tier 2 and SSC CGL tier 3 want to know the most expected essay and letter topics. There is a vast range of topics for Essay writing for SSC CHSL tier 2. In this article, you will find the most expected essay topics for the SSC CHSL tier 2 which might be very helpful for you.

Table of Contents

About SSC CHSL tier 2:

  • SSC CHSL tier 2 is a descriptive test i.e. pen and paper mode. 
  • This written test comprises an Essay of 200-250 words and Letter/Application writing of about 150-200 words.
  • The paper will have to be written either in Hindi or in English. 
  • The performance in Tier 2 will be included for preparing merit.
  • The duration of the Descriptive Paper would be for one hour.

SSC CHSL Tier 2 Descriptive Paper Click here

Do’s and Dont’s for writing a good essay SSC CHSL tier 2 


  • Follow the format of Essay writing: Introduction, body, and conclusion
  • Use relevant quotes in Essay
  • Conclude your essay in a positive and impressive way
  • Write in neat and clean handwriting
  • Punctuation marks like Full stop, comma, inverted commas are used in the same box with the particular word. 


  • Exceed the word limit
  • Repeat the words/ points in the essay
  • Grammatical Errors
  • Write your personal opinions in an essay
  • Write irrelevant contents
  • Wrong facts
  • Draw unnecessary diagrams or flowcharts
  • Do cuttings and overwriting
  • Two words in one box 
  • Leave empty boxes 

Most Expected essay topics for the SSC CHSL tier 2:

          1. Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav

        2. The rich-poor gap in India

         3. Should Beijing winter Olympics be postponed due to Omicron?

        4. One Nation One Exam (CET): Merits and Demerits 

        5. Is GDP a correct way to measure the development of a nation

        6. Youtube has become the backbone for job creation and new opportunities

       7. New Education policy 2020

       8. E- Vehicles: The Future of Transport

      9. Relevance of “Bhagavad Gita” in modern times

      10. Malpractices in Exams: A stigma on social and moral values

      11. Self-Employment: A need of today

SSC CHSL Tier 2 Descriptive Paper Click here

     12. The third wave of  Covid-19

    13. Will a lifetime ban on Cigarette sales work in India?

     14. What is AFSPA, and why are states in the Northeast against it?

       15. Omicron variant of COVID-19

Due to diverse areas, there are plenty of important topics for essay writing for SSC CHSL tier 2. You may find Top-200 essay topics for SSC CGL Tier 3 and SSC CHSL tier 2But You should do practice writing yourself. 

Exam Pattern for SSC CHSL tier 2

Topic for SSC CHSL tier 2 Word Limit Time Limit  Marks
            Essay 200-250 words      1 hour  100 Marks
            Letter  150-200 words

Sample Essay for SSC CHSL tier 2

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Covid-19 Pandemic and India

Firstly, we should thank our fortunes that the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic was late in India, which gave us a chance to learn from the mistakes and experiences of other countries around the globe.

Earlier it used to be believed that India prioritizes its economy over the lives of its citizens, whereas the developed western nations prioritize the lives of their citizens over their economy.  But this myth was busted when India decided to lock itself down while the countries like the UK and the US decided not to.

India did its best to fight against this pandemic. The center made the right move by stopping all international flights at a very early stage. That was followed by the nationwide lockdown. These steps prevented community transmission.

During the lockdown, the distribution of free ration and deposition of funds in bank accounts by the government helped the poor. Even rich industrialists and celebrities played their part in helping the nation. One prominent name that emerged during this was of actor Sonu Sood,

who... To continue reading Click here

Parameters for Essay writing skills for SSC CHSL Tier 2

There are various parameters for evaluating your Essay writing skills in SSC CHSL Tier 2. The marks distribution are as follows:

 Parameters for SSC CHSL tier 2   Marks
Relevance 10
Spelling/Grammar 5
Word Limit 5
Content Quality 8
Format 5
Writing Neat and Clean 5
Effective Sentences 7
Cohesiveness  5
Total Marks: 50

Important topics for SSC CHSL Tier 2


Is it hard to clear the SSC CHSL tier-2 exam?

No, its not. Candidates have to refine their writing skills before the exam. Don't waste your time in cramming a number of topics for essay writing. Try to learn the format of essay and letter writing and start practicing at the right time. 

Is a test series useful to prepare writing essays before the actual exam?

yes, Candidates must practice writing. Only knowledge is not important for CHSL tier 2 paper. There are various parameters for evaluating an essay. 

How can I improve my writing skills?

Writing is an art. Candidates need to work hard and concentrate on all the parameters for the CHSL tier 2 paper evaluation. Start with reading and practice writing. Check your mistakes and rectify them one by one.  

Which newspaper should I read for CHSL tier 2 preparation?

The Hindu editorial and The Indian Express Explained articles are the best reading material for capturing new ideas and relevant content for your essay. You can check various essays written by the toppers on our youtube channel for getting creative ideas.