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Fill in the blanks SSC CGL Tier 1 2021 Previous Year Questions with Solutions

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Fill in the blanks SSC CGL Tier 1 2021 Previous Year Questions with Solutions

How to attempt fill in the blanks questions?

Fill in the blanks is an important part of the English paper for any competitive exam. In this, a blank space is given in a sentence and the student has to fill in the blank space with the most appropriate word out of the given options. Given below are all those questions that have appeared in SSC CGL Tier 1 2021. The student must attempt doing all the questions and then if he has any difficulty in doing any question he can take the help of the detailed solutions given at the end of this article.   

CGL 2021 Tier 1

In the following questions, the sentence is given with blank to be filled in with an appropriate word. Select the correct alternative out of the four and indicate it by selecting the appropriate option.

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Q.1 Work and domestic ______ made Kajal short-tempered. 

CGL 13/8/2021 (Morning)

(a) pressures

(b) gravities

(c) weights

(d) forces 

Q.2 India is formally moving ahead to ______ 21 MIG-29 and 12 Sukhoi-30MKI fighters from Russia along with upgrades of their existing fleets.    

CGL 13/8/2021 (Morning)

(a) achieve

(b) advance

(c) accomplish

(d) procure 

Q.3. The interviewer asked Gautam, “Can you tell me what your ______ in life are?”   

CGL 13/8/2021 (Afternoon)

(a) determinations           

(b) frivolities 

(c) trivialities            

(d) aspirations

Q.4. Help from relatives ______ him in difficult times. CGL 13/8/2021 (Afternoon)

(a) allowed

(b) approved

(c) passed       

(d) supported 

Q.5 The advanced nations face no population problem since they were already settling down to zero growth ______ in population. 

CGL 13/8/2021 (Evening)

(a) scale

(b) rate

(c) frequency

(d) degree 

Q.6.The door ______ in the strong wind.          

CGL 13/8/2021 (Evening) 

(a) slammed

(b) slapped

(c) sizzled

(d) hooted 

Q.7 You need not ______ so much fuss about wearing a mask when you go out. 

CGL 16/8/2021 (Morning)

(a) cause

(b) make

(c) generate

(d) do 

Q.8 A ______ souvenir will be released on the occasion of the World Meet. 

CGL 16/8/2021 (Mornin)

(a) generous

(b) considerable 

(c) bountiful

(d) voluminous 

Q.9 The jungle was nearly ______, so the progress was slow.

CGL 16/8/2021 (Afternoon) 

(a) impenetrable    

(b) immaterial 

(c) immortal      

(d) immobile 

Q.10.I read some ______ of properties for sale on the Internet before I called the agent.      

CGL 16/8/2021 (Afternoon)

(a) descriptions

(b) arguments 

(c) monologues

(d) spaces

Q.11.My New Year’s ______ is to think positive always.  CGL 16/8/2021 (Evening)

(a) resolution

(b) repetition 

(c) celebration

(d) confession 

Q.12 We ______ the marks of the students on different subjects and compared their performance for the year. 

CGL 16/8/2021 (Evening)

(a)  questioned    

(b) probed

(c)  inspected        

(d) analysed

Q.13 Social isolation, overcrowding, the ______ of our society and several other factors are responsible for stress. 

CGL 17/8/2021 (Morning)

(a) competitiveness    

(b) cheapness 

(c) attractiveness      

(d) affordability 

Q.14 Advertisers often use rhyme and ___________.          

CGL 17/8/2021 (Morning)

(a) designation

(b) alteration 

(c) denunciation

(d) alliteration 

Q.15 Sales ______ from day to day. 

CGL 17/8/2021 (Afternoon)

(a) revolves

(b) swing 

(c) fluctuate

(d) rotates