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Essay topics for ssc cgl tier 3 2020 

SSC can ask about any topic. It is not necessary that you mug any topic or from the list, the essay will come in the exam. Therefore it is suggested to students that they prepare comprehensively and do writing practice. Without writing a descriptive exam can not be prepared. Still, we are providing a list of essays which is in fact of the Pinnacle book index.

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Essay topics for ssc cgl tier 3 2020

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SN Topic Name Contents access
1 New Education policy 2020 Link
2 One Nation One Exam (CET): Merits and Demerits Link
3 How far is India successful in the fight against Covid-19 Pandemic? Link
4 Challenges and opportunities before India in the next ten years Link
5 Digital India Link
6 Working from home: challenges and opportunities Link
7 National Digital Health Mission Link
8 Importance of food security Link
9 What are the changes the world will experience after the Corona era? Link
10 Citizenship Amendment Act Link
11 Social networking sites and its impact on youth Link
12 Population Control Link
13 Ban on Chinese apps: Good or bad Link
14 Aatma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan Link
15 Importance of the Internet in the modern economy Link
16 Importance of coding in education. Link
17 Consumer Protection Act 2019 : A hope of changing India Link
18 Impact of Chinese goods on Indian economy Link
19 Coronavirus : Do’s and Don’t Link
20 Education is the most powerful weapon. Link
21 Online Culture is the need of the hour Link
22 Corporatization of Media is Not in Favour of Public Link
23 Quick but steady wins the race Link
24 Terrorism and world peace Link
25 Be the change you want to see in others (Gandhi Ji) Link
26 IPL : Boon or Bane for Indian Cricket Link
27 Role of Bureaucracy during a national disaster Link
28 Books are our best friends Link
29 Has ‘’Mid Day Meal Scheme’’ been successful to meet its objectives? Link
30 Deforestation- Causes, Effects and Solutions Link
31 Health and education should be free for all Link
32 Achievements of India in Space Link
33 Small scale industries are the backbone of the Indian economy Link
34 Technology cannot replace manpower Link
35 Rights and duties go hand in hand Link
36 Should voting be mandatory for all citizens? Link
37 Merits and Demerits of cashless economy Link
38 Do you think Goods and service Tax (GST) has been able to meet its objectives? Link
39 Urbanization: Causes and Impacts Link
40 Disaster Management Link
41 Social protection is the responsibility of the government Link
42 Positive and negative effects of Globalization Link
43 Should juveniles be treated as adults for heinous crimes? Link
44 Has cinema potential to survive in multi platforms competition? Link
45 Rome was not built in a day Link
46 Banking system is the backbone of economic growth Link
47 Infrastructure development is the backbone of Indian Economy Link
48 Right to Education Link
49 When justice fails, instant justice steps in Link
50 Are we becoming too dependent on mobiles phones? Link
51 Secularism in India Link
52 Justice delayed is justice denied Link
53 Is GDP a correct way to measure the development of a nation? Link
54 Floods and Cyclones in India: Causes, effects and measures Link
55 It is very easy to defeat someone but it is very hard to win someone - Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Link
56 The positive and negative effects of technology Link
57 India’s National Security- Challenges and solutions Link
58 Effect of climate change on vegetation Link
59 Ayushman Bharat Yojana Link
60 How far society is responsible for rape incidents in India? Link
61 Duties of a good citizen Link
62 Should death penalty be banned in India? Link
63 Political stability and economic growth Link
64 Doctors are living God. Link
65 “I am not a Handsome guy, but I can give my hand to someone who needs help. Beauty is in the heart not in the face.” Abdul Kalam Link
66 Water pollution Link
67 Future of online business and its impact on the offline market Link
68 Working women have more challenges than working men Link
69 Humans are responsible for the extinction of certain species Link
70 Role of Youth in Indian democracy Link
71 Should religion play a role in politics? Link
72 Ease of doing business: Problems and opportunities in India Link
73 Youtube has become the backbone for job creation and new opportunities Link
74 Contributions of Indian female athletes in the recent past Link
75 Benefits of Yoga Link
76 It is not the degree but the skills that make one successful Link
77 An idea can change the world Link
78 Are Robots the Future? Link
79 Playing video games is a waste of time Link
80 Importance of exercise to stay fit and healthy Link
81 Will railway privatisation open new opportunities? Link
82 Relevance of Gandhiji in today’s time Link
83 Importance of reading habit among students Link
84 Increasing Crime among children - Effect of spending less time with parents? Link
85 The Past is a permanent dimension of Human Consciousness and values Link
86 India-Pakistan relations Link
87 Western influence on Indian culture Link
88 Role of women in society Link
89 Nepotism is the bedrock of social existence Link
90 Is India moving towards a unitary state from federalism? Link
91 My Dream Job Link
92 Where there is a will there’s a way Link
93 Smoking should be banned in all public places Link
94 What can we learn from the life of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam? Link
95 Role of opposition in Democracy Link
96 Fake News Link
97 Indian Diaspora Link
98 Social Movements and their impact on society Link
99 Do we really need a language in the whole country? Link
100 Tourism in India - Challenges and Opportunities Link
101 Link
102 Why do social welfare schemes fail in India? Link
103 Obesity: a curse Link
104 Life in the city is better than in the village? Link
105 Clean energy Link
106 The Internet has fundamentally changed the way we communicate with each other. Link
107 Knowledge is power and power rules the world Link
108 My Favourite Book Link
109 Link
110 Harmful effects of polyethylene bags Link
111 Your favourite sportsperson Link
112 Silence is the best answer to anger Link
113 Environmental Pollution Link
114 Article 370 Link
115 Science vs Religion Link
116 Triple Talaq Link
117 Gender Inequality Link
118 Universal Basic Income vs Subsidy Link
119 One nation one election Link
120 Why is the monsoon so important for the Indian economy? Link
121 Is cyber crime a bigger threat than terrorism? Link
122 Importance of Biodiversity Link
123 Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana: How effective it is on the social and economic structure of society? Link
124 Housing for All by 2022 Link
125 We can choose our friends but not our neighbours Link
126 My favourite person from history Link
127 Indian customs and tradition have been in favour of men. Link
128 Plastic: A Threat to Humans Link
129 The pen is mightier than the sword. Link
130 Artificial Intelligence : Opportunities & Challenges Link
131 Unregulated Media and Democracy Link
132 Organic Farming: Challenges and Opportunities Link
133 One swallow does not make a summer. Link
134 Digital revolution: Widening gap between haves and have-nots. Link
135 Education and economic independence of women is leading to an increase in the number of divorces. Link
136 Success and failure of old age social security schemes in India Link
137 Global warming : Causes , Effects and Remedies Link
138 Don’t waste your time. This time will never come Link
139 Importance of sports in human development Link
140 Importance of Transparency and Accountability in Governance Link
141 Work smarter not harder Link
142 Merits of protecting ancient heritage and culture Link
143 Demographic Dividend in India : Challenge and Opportunities Link
144 Saving Rivers is the future of India Link
145 Role of public participation in governance Link
146 Satyamev Jayate Link
147 Cultural Nationalism Link
148 Valentine Day and Indian culture: Convergence or conflict Link
149 Why are you proud to be an Indian? Link
150 If we do not discipline ourselves the world will do it for us - William Feather. Link
151 Should higher education be privatised? Link
152 Every human being is superstitious Link
153 Have Indian women achieved economic empowerment? Link
154 Indian great marriages are show of money power Link
155 Do you think bachelors can be more successful? Link
156 Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely Link
157 Automation and its impact on society Link
158 Other sports are ruined by Cricket in India Link
159 Money is not everything Link
160 Change is inevitable Link
161 Women make an organization a great place to work Link
162 Not me but you: How far can it take you forward? Link
163 Egoism provokes domestic violence Link
164 Dating at young age: A symbol of freedom Link
165 India is a country of opportunities Link
166 Products are sold not bought Link
167 Inspiring role of women in sports Link
168 India is a country of festivals Link
169 Role of books is diminishing Link
170 Generation Gap and Old Age Link
171 Ethics and value Link
172 Never too old to learn Link
173 Sports are good career options Link
174 Democracy is the best form of governance Link
175 Space programs are meaningless in a developing country like India Link
176 Social films are catalyst of change Link
177 India needs more scientists or businessmen Link
178 Do you think smaller states lead to good governance? Link
179 A country can progress through economic development not through army Link
180 Nationalism Link
181 Economic reforms impart economic freedom Link
182 Child marriage Link
183 Corporate social responsibility Link
184 Judicial activism Link
185 Think big Link
186 Make in India Link
187 Incredible India Link
188 Relevance of “Bhagavad Gita” in modern times Link
189 Civil society Link
190 Inequality Link
191 Child Labour Link
192 Social Inclusion Link
193 Ideas rule the world Link
194 Malpractices in Exams: A stigma on social and moral values Link
195 Self-Employment: A need of today Link
196 Honesty is the best policy Link
197 Agriculture: The Backbone of Indian economy Link
198 Liquor ban Link
199 Astrology- A science or myth Link
200 Digital Education: A hope for future Link

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