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Essay Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts ssc chsl tier 2

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Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely ssc chsl tier 2

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely ssc chsl tier 2

Hitler, King Yazid, Saddam Hussain, Kalmadi & Macbeth. Is there anything common among the seemingly unrelated people? They belong to different times and different countries that once wielded power which debased them.


Power can be defined as the possession of control over others. When a person primarily driven by selfish motives comes to power, it inflates his ego and clouds his wisdom. That’s why we find officers demanding kickbacks and politicians siphoning funds. But it’s not all about monetary gains. Absolute power corrupts because it gives license to arbitrarily impose one’s will without worrying about consequences.

They consider themselves above law. Even sincere people often become blinded by their clout of power and position. A UK Psychologist held that weak managerial ability and degrading value systems are equally responsible for corruption brought by power.


There have been leaders like Nehru and Gandhi, businessmen like Bill Gates, Azim Premji who never abused their power and rather channelized it into making the world a better place. It was continue read this topic click here

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