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Essay Every human being is superstitious ssc chsl tier 2

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Every human being is superstitious ssc chsl tier 2

Every human being is superstitious ssc chsl tier 2

Despite having well-developed brains, complex technologies, and centuries of scientific progress, the human species remain a fearful, superstitious lot.


The number thirteen, black cats, breaking mirrors are some things that we, being superstitious, tend to avoid. Superstition is generally a belief in supernatural forces such as fate. Carrying charms, wearing certain clothes, visiting places associated with good fortune, preferring specific colors, and using particular numbers are all elements of superstition.


Superstition is highly prevalent in sports. Within football, gymnastics, competitors pray for success, check their appearances in the mirror, and dress well to feel better prepared. Players and athletes also engage with personalized actions and behaviors such as wearing lucky clothes, kits, and charms. Serena Williams used to wear the same socks unwashed when she used to be on a.... To continue read this topic click here

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