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Best book for reasoning for SSC CGL

What are the criteria for judging a book whether it is the best or not? Let us understand what makes it the most relevant book that can help students to fetch good marks. Nowadays good score means all questions correct as the cut-off is high students can not afford to lose even a single mark. 

6 Points that make a book best for SSC CGL Reasoning

These six points are based on the performance of a student that he can generate by reading the book. 

Best book for reasoning for ssc cgl Best book for reasoning for ssc cglBest book for reasoning for ssc cgl

#1. Latest questions

The book must cover all the latest questions which are asked by TCS recently conducted in all SSC exams. The staff selection commission has a pattern of questions; on that pattern, questions are asked in upcoming exams. If any book which covers the latest questions instead of 10-20 years old will be more relevant and result-oriented for students.

#2. Chapter-wise questions 

Chapter-wise questions help students to understand what kind of questions are asked from a particular chapter and what will be the difficulty level. In other words, if a student knows the depth of types and weightage of questions he will give more output in less time.

Many a time it has been noted especially on youtube that teachers teach chapters and questions based on views a particular chapter can provide to them. TRP game is very dangerous for students especially for new students who have blind faith in teachers. 

#3. Index and guidance 

If a book has a detailed index, it will explain what is going to be in the book and that is useful for you or not. Whether your objective will be met by the book or not? The detailed index also helps you in self-guidance and making your own strategy. Every student has their own style of learning and has a different approached for a better outcome, detailed index adds value to it. 

#4. Quality explanation 

Just mentioning answer key in the book having anticipation that every student is brilliant in reasoning. For a beginner that will be demotivating. A book has not only to answer keys but a detailed explanation of each question in an exam-oriented way that will help students to achieve their desired goal. 

#5. Concepts

Making a book just like a question bank will kill the interest of a beginner. Students expect that the book guide instead of just questions bank. When conceptual understanding about the chapter and what kind of questions and how to solve approach is given before questions or practice questions start, it will give confidence to students. Students will have a sense of completeness. 

#6. Quality pages and binding

When a student goes through a book, he should have a good user experience. Quality pages, the quality binding will make students comfortable in reading and will enjoy the book. If the quality of pages, printing, font sizes are not up to the satisfaction level of a student, he may not use the book completely. 

Pinnacle Publications

Pinnacle publication has developed the book based on research on how can students score high. Relevant contents maximum output is the basic mantra of Pinnacle SSC Reasoning 4500 TCS MCQ chapter wise bilingual book with detailed explanation.

This book is written under the guidance of Baljit Dhaka sir. Already Pinnacle publications books have gained a lot of popularity among SSC students are the best sellers for the SSC exam category on Flipkart and Amazon. 

How to Purchase 

Students can Purchase the "SSC Reasoning TCS 4500 MCQ Chapter-wise I Bilingual" book from Pinnacle website, Amazon, FlipKart and books stalls across India. All 32 bookstalls of Mukherjee Nagar have Pinnacle Publications all books. 

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