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Best book for SSC CGL Maths : Pinnacle SSC Maths 6800 TCS MCQ

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SSC Maths 6800 TCS MCQ chapter wise book English Medium

Best book for SSC Maths 

This book contains 6800 TCS MCQ chapter-wise with detailed explanations and tricks to solve questions. This book covers all the latest questions of ssc maths asked by TCS. All questions till ssc cgl tier 1 2021 and ssc chsl tier 1 2021 exams are also covered. All questions asked by TCS in SSC exams till Sept 2021 are covered. This book is in English medium. A detailed index is given for guidance purposes. In starting, concepts are given for each chapter. Then varieties of questions are given. After that practice questions are given which are TCS asked. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1. Does this book contain questions asked in SSC CGL exam conducted in 2021?

answer: yes, all shifts of the ssc cgl tier 1 exam conducted in ssc cgl 2021 are included.

Q2. Does this book contain questions asked in SSC CHSL Tier 1 exam conducted in 2021?

Answer: All ssc exams including SSC CHSL Tier 1 conducted in 2021 are included.

Q3. What makes this book as the best book for ssc exams?

Answer: This is a highly arranged book. This book is divided into 90 days modules. In starting of each chapter required and related concepts, formulae or tricks are given. After that varieties questions are given. This will help students to cover this book very fast. After varieties of questions practice questions - TCS questions are given. 

Q4. Are video solutions available for this book?

Answer: Video solutions of all chapters are being made and will be part of Pinnacle paid courses. This will help students to prepare SSC exams on TCS patterns for the best possible outcome. 

Q5. What is the language- medium of this?

Answer: This book is in English medium. Hindi medium book will be released very soon. This will help English medium students to prepare distraction-free. 

Q6. Many books have logo in between the pages. Does this book has the same issue?

Answer: No this book does not have any logo or teacher name or institute names on pages. This will help students to prepare distraction-free. 

Q7. Can YouTubers make videos on this book or chapters of the book?

Answer: anybody including YouTubers can make videos on the book, or contents. This will not be any copyrights violation. Creators are advised to give due credit to Pinnacle publications. If anybody wants to make a video course for selling purposes on Pinnacle book, he/she can do. Creators can use the book and increase their views/audience etc.

Q8. Can anybody make photocopies/scan or reproduce this book?

Answer: no, if anybody is found in such illegal activities like a scanned copy, photocopies, reproducing, or having an illegal soft copy, he will be liable to be prosecuted under copyrights infringement and other laws for frauds. 

From where to purchase this book?

Students can purchase this book from the Pinnacle website, Amazon, Flipkart, and nearby book shops across India. If your nearby book shop owner does not have this book, ask him to make it available so that he can coordinate with the distributor. You can give Pinnacle support number mob. 9817390373 or WhatsApp 8295688244 to him make available this book.