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27th Feb Protest updates against SSC I Chairman message

27th Feb Protest updates against SSC I Chairman message

27th Feb protest updates against SSC I Chairman message

Protest updates : thousands of students participated in a protest rally against staff selection commission. Students came from different parts of the country like Bihar , Gujrat , UP , Haryana , Punjab, Delhi etc. Students are demanding in their protest fair system of examination , investigation in the recently conducted ssc cgl tier 2 exam , normalization , MTS alleged irregularities.

Protest updates

Many coaching centres including Pinnacle also supported the protest. Pressure was necessary to build pressure on SSC so that commission can take corrective measures and reforms in exam system. Although commission chairman didn’t meet with students. Other officials of commission met with students representatives and listen their grievances em-pathetically.

In the evening commission uploaded a message on the SSC site on the behalf of chairman desk.

A group of about 500 to 750 candidates of the Combined Graduate Level Examination (Tier-II) 2017 assembled outside the Commission on 27.2.2018 and held a protest rally alleging several issues related to the conduct of the examination. A delegation of three candidates met the undersigned and presented a representation in this regard. The Commission has taken note of the issues raised in the representation and subject to the submission of the requisite supporting documentation, the Commission would have the matter enquired into and take an appropriate considered decision in the matter.
(Ashim Khurana)

Unfortunately most media channels didn’t cover this protest because they were busy in Shri Devi and Hindu Muslim debates.  Although Ravish Kumar NDTV covered it in prime time. It seems NDTV is the only media channel which is covering youth , unemployment , failures of commission.

Now commission has an opportunity to address students grievances and make the commission trustworthy.


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