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SSC CGL Tier 2 : 17th Feb exam review 1st Shift I difficulty level

SSC CGL Tier 2 : 17th Feb exam review 1st Shift

SSC CGL Tier 2 : 17th Feb exam review 1st Shift

Dear all

In the first shift today math paper was conducted. It is very interesting that again ssc has followed new trend questions.

What are new trends questions ?

  • If you have gone through SSC CHSL 2016 & SSC CGL Tier 1 : 2017 questions pattern. Those students who have done ssc cgl 2017 tier 1 and CHSl 2016 papers they have found paper easy. But those students who have not attempted those questions but focused on previous years before online era, they could not cop up well with new trends so found paper moderate or tough.
  • Since majority students follow books and books are not available of very recent exam  so trends are missed.
  • Despite easy questions many students made them difficult.
  • In many of our videos we had told students that before 2016 on OMR era and now in new online era ssc does not repeat earlier trends questions. New trends questions along with varied statements not exactly the same questions are new ssc strategy. This has been already explained by Pinnacle that focus more on new trends and less on before 2016.
  • Conclusion is Instead of repeat questions , new trends along with varied statements questions are being asked. So ssc cgl 2017 Tier1, SSC CHSL 2016 questions are more relevant.
  • Hardly there is any change in pattern in terms of number of questions.
  • Advance math dominated with 45-48 questions
    • Trigonometry : 10-12
    • Algebra 10-12
    • Mensuration : 10-12
    • Geometry : 12-14
  • While arithmetic :
    • Number number system : 6-7
    • HCF -LCM , simplification: 2-4
    • Discount : 6-7
    • Work and Time : 4-5
    • Profit and loss : 3-4
    • Time and distance/boats : 6-7
    • Average : 4-6
    • Ratio / mixture : 3-5
    • DI : 5
    • CI /Si : 2-3
    • Misc : 1-2

Overall paper : easy to moderate

Calculation lever : moderate like 2017 ssc cgl tier 1.

Server /security/ ssc arrangement : praiseworthy

17th Feb exam review


What students have to say about difficulty level as per our poll survey:

Around 1100 students gave their opinion. 21% students say easy to moderate while 79% say moderate to difficult or difficult or very difficult. It is important to note here last year also students gave almost same opinion that paper was difficult and lengthy. But when result came cutoff proved it wrong. 15-20% students who make in next round they score above cut off. In other words paper was doable , based on new trends and easy to moderate.

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17th Feb exam review