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10 tips : How to improve in mock Tests and finally in real exam I SSC CGL 2017

10 tips : How to improve in mock Tests and finally in real exam I SSC CGL 2017

10 tips : How to improve in mock Tests and finally in real exam I SSC CGL 2017

1. Fix your schedule

It is important that you fix schedule /time table for next 20 days and give sufficient time for

  • Tests
  • Analysis
  • Revision
  • Studytips

2. Never end any online test without completing

Many times students don’t complete tests. It is advisable they should have sufficient time and environment when they take tests.

  • Spent all 60 minutes

3. Make planning time allocation subject wise

You should have idea and accordingly allocate time for each subject in the test.

–Math 25-32 minutes

–Reasoning 12-16 minutes

–English  8-12 minutes

–GK  4- 8 minutes

4:  Decide which is your order of attempt

Many students follow below pattern of attempting

  • Reasoning
  • GK
  • English
  • Math

But you can also try and do experiment below , many students got benefited from this.




  • gk

5. Easy questions must attempt in 1st round

  • 1st round : attempt all what you can solve easily
  • 2nd round : attempt which were left but can be attempted
  • Leave or maximum you can take chance by making intelligence guess if you don’t know answer. Blind tick is not recommended.

6. Evaluate your questions

  • Those took more than one minute
  • Those took more than 30 seconds
  • Those were wrong
  • Those who by-chance were correct

7. Continue : Observations + practice

  • Never stop just because your score is not improving

8. Follow : 70 : 30 rule

  • Give now 70% time to Tests /analysis and 30% to study
  • Desktop > Laptop > Mobile > PDF > Book

9. Revision is the key

  • Revise what you have studied till now , also those questions of tests : use Snipping tools / evernote

10. Never think you will not qualify

  • Because you are scoring less in mock tests , continue efforts will give you positive results

In this way definitely you can improve your score and get selected in SSC CGL exam.

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