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essay Social Inclusion ssc chsl tier 2

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 Essay Social Inclusion ssc chsl tier 2

 Essay Social Inclusion ssc chsl tier 2

Social inclusion is the process of improving the terms of participation in society, particularly for the disadvantaged people, through enhancing opportunities and access to resources, and voicing for their rights.


It is a multidimensional phenomenon that involves more than improving access to economic resources. It ensures that those at the risk of poverty and social exclusion gain the opportunities and resources necessary to participate fully in economic, social, political and cultural life, and to enjoy a standard of living that is considered normal in the society they live in. It ensures greater participation of vulnerable sections in the decision-making that affects their lives and access to their fundamental rights.


In order to reduce the prevailing disparities, the Indian government has set state-specific targets on parameters such as GDP growth rate, agricultural growth continue reading this topic click here

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